Monday, July 20, 2009

Guest Vamp: Emma Holly

Emma Holly currently has a vampire trilogy, continuing the Fitz Clare Chronicles, on bookstore shelves.  Set in the 1930s, it follows a family of vampires and their struggles to survive alongside humans.
Miss Holly's previous vampire releases include:
"Luisa's Desire" in the FANTASY anthology
CATCHING MIDNIGHT - Berkley - 3/03
HUNTING MIDNIGHT - Berkley - 10/03
"The Night Owl" in HOT BLOODED - Jove - 9/05
COURTING MIDNIGHT - Berkley - 10/05
KISSING MIDNIGHT - Berkley - 6/09
BREAKING MIDNIGHT - Berkley - 7/09
SAVING MIDNIGHT - Berkley - 8/09

Here are a few questions for Miss Holly...
You  started doing contemporary erotica, what lured you to the paranormal?  Do  you prefer one over the other?
The first books I sold were contemporary erotica, but  the first books I
wrote were romances with science fiction  settings . . . very bad romances with no doubt very lame science fiction  settings. It's just as well they never saw the light of day, though it is an  indication that I was drawn to the paranormal from the start. I was really  happy when paranormals were "in" again, and  I got the chance to return  to it. I confess, no matter what genre I'm writing, a book has to have  something weird about it for me to enjoy creating  it.
Do you prefer doing a series or stand-alone titles?  What about  novellas?  
It depends on the book. Sometimes - as happened  in the Fitz Clare Chronicles - writing a series gives me the room I need to do  the story justice. I conceived the trilogy as an ensemble piece,  what happened to Edmund Fitz Clare's whole family. To pull that off the way I  wanted, I had to write more than one book.

Of course, now that I've  written a couple connected stories in a row, I might welcome the chance to  wrap up the plot in just one!

Why vampires, or upyrs, as you call them?  What is their  allure?
Vampires are the original dark and dangerous bad  boys. Or girls, as the case may be. I sure loved writing the vamp females in  the FCC.

Do you weave in mythology and legend or make a lot of  it up?
I do a bit of both. For my taste, the more "para"  a story is, the more it needs some sort of "normal" to ground it, whether that  be a real world setting or a well recognized mythology. I think that kind of  foundation helps the reader buy into the fantasy. Now that I've written six  upyr books, my own mythology is pretty well established. I have to be  most careful not to contradict myself!

The Fitz Clare Chronicles  is set in the 1930s.  What about that time period appealed to you?
It's all about the clothes. And the cars. And the  cool Art Deco furnishings. I also suspect my fascination hearkens back to my  childhood obsession with Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot. As a kid, I'm not  sure I even understood everything that was in those books. Some of them were a  bit racy for their time, as I discovered when I reread a few for research. But  dapper little Hercule was my Sherlock Holmes, and I guess you never  forget your first!

Everyone always asks “what advice would you give to writers” but what  I want to know is ‘what advice do you wish someone gave to you when you were  just starting in the business’?
Interesting question, but truthfully, nothing!  Looking back, I stumbled along plenty, but what I learned really sank in. Half  the stuff that people tell you is nonsense anyway - if not all of the  time, then at least some of it. If you're the sort of stubborn person I am,  it's okay to figure out, in your own way, what works for  you.

Will we see more in the Fitz Clare series, or do you have  new things planned for future books?
Right now, I'm working on a two-book story for  Christian Durand. (Christian was introduced in Breaking Midnight for  those who are keeping up.) After that, who knows?

Here's five quickie questions we ask every guest:
Dark or  Light?
Absolutely must be both. All dark with no funny  makes Emma a dull girl.
Historical or Modern?
So far I've only written historical, but I like  to read modern.
Fav Movie or TV Vamp?
Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer 
Bagged or From The Neck?
Dead or Undead?
Definitely Un.

Anything else you  want to add?
 Thanks for inviting me!
A big thanks to Emma Holly for being the first guest at VampChix!  


RKCharron said...

Hi ;)
I practically leapt out of my chair. Emma Holly!
Thanks for having her on your blog.
It was a great interview. I could have kept reading it all day... *sigh* I love Emma Holly.
Love your blog.
Keep up the great work!
Love from Northern Ontario, eh

TAMARA said...

Hi Emma! Absolutely loooove all of your books!!!My faves are; "Strange Attractions", All You Can Eat" and "Fairyville". Great interview and bty... Spike is my fave too!!

TAMARA said...

That was supposed to be "btw" oops! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interview. It is good to remember that we can listen to everyone's comments but we still have to filter out the ones that pertain to us

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Michele and Emma!

Great interview, and thanks for sharing!!

I love your quickie responses. Definitely neck and undead!

Dottie :)