Friday, July 31, 2009

Our Undying Obsession with the Undead

Like the immortal vampire our obsession with the fanged ones never die.

The vampire obsession is currently everywhere thanks in part to the overwhelming success of Twilight. But true vampire fans know there was plenty to love about vampires long before Meyer's teen dream sparkly vamps hit the scene. Because of that success the media has hopped on the vampire bandwagon hoping to cash in on the fang frenzy, some endeavors are worthwhile and others are not.

Some people claim to have vampire burnout thanks to the undead invading everything from fashion layouts in magazines to television shows to the big screen and everything in between.

Not me. I have been a vampire fan for decades, long before Stephanie Meyer ever thought about writing her sparkly vampire stories.

Every generation finds a new story, a new twist, a new vampire tale that gives them a glimpse of forever and a desire to know more about the darker side of life...and death. Today's teens have Meyer's Twilight saga along with a huge collection of other authors that cater to paranormal fans in both adult and young adult genres.

My generation had Anne Rice's vampires. Interview with a Vampire hit book shelves the year I was born in 1976. I found my copy of Interview at a yard sale in the 80s. I had to have been 10 or 11. After reading that I devoured every book in the series throughout the 80s and 90s, along with her Mayfair Witch books and anything else that she wrote. I loved Anne Rice's books and fell in love with New Orleans, the setting for so many of her books.

Since then I have found many other wonderful authors and vampire books. Every author puts their own unique spin on the old vampire tales, myths and legends. Some make vampires the heroes, others make the vampires the villains. I prefer my vampires to be the heroes but depending on the author and the story I can handle vamps being the bad guys, too (like in Colleen Gleason's The Gardella Vampire Chronicles).

Good or bad, vampires have a special place in my imagination, a magical place where love never dies and the blood is the life.

Many revel in the strength of the vampire, or love the appeal of everlasting youth and beauty, or perhaps the thought of immortality is what makes the vampire so popular, for many it is the underlying erotic appeal that draws us into the vampire's lair.

I hope to explore my vampiric obsessions more as I write here at VampChix and at least once a month (probably more) I will be posting here about the vampire authors (and their books) that I love.

Between my postings here you can always find me at my paranormal book review site Fang-tastic Books and my personal blog, Roxanne's Realm where I post info about my writing and where it will be published.


Lady Lazarus said...

I'm loving this blog. :-D I'm also part of the Anne Rice vampire generation. I was born in 1987 and Interview with the Vampire was one of the first books I remember reading when I was about ten or eleven. Sometimes I kind of want this new generation of vampire lovers to turn more to her and Stoker's gothic-y creation rather than the sparkly modern ones. Only time will tell :-D

Susan Blexrud said...

Roxanne, So good to see you here at this great blog. Course you know I love Fang-tastic Books! We in the vampiric realm are always looking for new converts. Tee hee! I'm just finishing the third book in my series, Real Men Have Fangs, and as you know, my fang boys are the good guys. I look forward to more great posts from you and to the great team at Vamp Chix, a big THANKS!

Hilda said...

Interesting post. I'm a fan of Anne Rice's vamps and have always said she's a great writer. I'm not into Twilight at all because those 'vamps' as Meyer likes to call them are not the real thing. In fact, I wrote an article about it (not a hate article) and you can read it if you'd like at Good or bad, vampires will always have a special place in my heart because they are just so fangtastic! :)


Vickie said...

Won't read anymore Meyer's books, I waded through Twilight. Give me Katie Mac, MJD, Jeaniene Frost, Jeanne C Stein, Mario Acevedo....etc...any day.
When I get too warm while sleeping, I dream vampires. Always have. Won't question it,I'll just enjoy....