Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ultimate VampList

I want to introduce you to a list I've been keeping for about 15 years now. Some of you are aware of it, but those new to me might not know it exists. In 1994 or 5 I had a stack of research books on vampires toppling near my desk. I decided I'd make a list so I wouldn't forget a title, and also, I just like to make lists.

Fast forward to now. The Ultimate VampList currently lists over 4000+ vampire titles. But don't worry, it's not just a big ole unorganized list. I've put books alphabetically by authors' last name in the following categories: Horror, Romance/Erotica, Mystery/Action-Adventure, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, Manga/Graphic Novels, TV/Movies, SciFi/Fantasy, Roleplaying, Anthologies, Buffy/Angel, Not-Quite Vamps, and Miscellaneous. Who'd a thought there were so many different genres of vampire stories within the one realm? Cool!

So the list is simply that, a list. I've not tried to make it a bibliography, but rather a list of titles that you can scan through to see what might interest you or what titles you've missed. It lists title, author, pub date, publisher, and if it's available at Amazon I've linked to it so you can go there to read a synopsis or get further information.

This list is my baby, a true labor of love. I must say it fascinates me how many vampire stories are published each year, Romance being the fastest growing genre, but Young Adult not far behind.

So go take a look. There's a pull-down menu at the top of the home page to select categories. The Hot Blood page features covers from some current releases. What titles are you missing? Can you add more to your list?


ps - I'm looking for someone who would have an interest in posting a once-monthly column here at VampChix about various vampire series. Maybe feature a few series each time, like Jr. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood, or Anne Rice's vamps? I'd like to see new series listed, as well as oldies but goodies. Email me if you have an interest!

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Donna (Fantasy Dreamer) said...

Wow! Excellent list, a lot time and effort went into this list. Thanks for sharing, I've bookmarked it.