Sunday, August 2, 2009

Entertaining Vamps

Arriving in mailboxes and magazines racks now! Pick it up and find out who Anne Rice thinks is the sexiest vampire right now, and what Laurell K. Hamilton thinks of Twilight's Stephanie Meyers. But no pics of Spike?

Found this at What every discerning vampire needs in his or her living room, the coffin couch.


Lady Lazarus said...

:-O Coffin Couch! Do want. Do Want. :-D

Jenna Alexander said...

It's interesting that the magazine decided to print semi creepy pictures versus sexy poses of those two.


Michele Hauf said...

I find the couch strangely sexy. But then, I just received a purple velvet couch yesterday that I found here:

As to the creepy photos, there's more inside. It was interesting that they sort of glossed over the romance of vampires, yet the ones they featured were major romantic vampires. I still can't figure out if Christopher Moore's comment that went something like 'the next thing we'll see is vampires with shoe fetishes a la chick lit' was joking or if he just isn't aware of MaryJanice Davidson.

Vickie said...

My sister is sending this edition to me. She knows I love my vamps.
As for Christopher Moore, he might live in a bubble and not know about MJD.