Thursday, August 27, 2009

Review: Prince of Darkness: The True Story of Dracula

I mentioned last week that the SyFy channel was doing a vampire movie marathon and I had the opportunity to watch almost 3 movies- of course I wasn't sitting for 6 hours straight but I did manage quite a bit between kids and housework. Each movie had a completely different take on the usual vampire lore, which can be fascinating to dissect. One chose the history backdrop, another used vamps with no fangs, and the third used a genetic anomaly. This week I will give my humble opinion about Prince of Darkness.

Prince of Darkness: The True Story of Dracula (2000) tells the story of Romanian Prince Vlad as he battles the Turks, which are led by his brother, Radu. Vlad is a ruthless noble that allies himself with the King Janos of Hungary to seize the throne of Wallachia. When his wife openly condemns his treatment of the enemy ,she is sent to the nunnery and forced to leave her young son behind. Vlad is eventually excommunicated and killed by Radu. The vampire myth stems from the belief that because he was condemned, his body was able to rise from the grave and move with unearthly power.

The movie uses decent storytelling and vague historical information to explain the man known as Vlad the Impaler/Dracula. The cast included Rudolf Martin (Vlad), Jane March (Lidia), Roger Daltrey (King Janos) and Michael Sutton (Radu). In the end, the movie was more about the Romanian leader, despite numerous historical inaccuracies, and less about vampires.

Have you seen this TV movie and if so, what did you think?


Book Junkie said...

ugh, I didn't see it, I am so going home today after work to see if I can still grab it on demand!!! I always miss all the good stuff darnit!

Michele Hauf said...

I remember that movie! And I recall how sexy Vlad was. Num. I recall liking it, for the most part.

Amy said...

OOHHH I got to watch this one! I loved it! Vlad was sexy!

lunaticcafe said...

The movie wasn't fabulous but it was decent- I think I've actually watched it twice now. I liked the brooding Vlad and his brother Radu was kinda cute too. My one wish for the movie was that it would have been a little more accurate. Definitely good for a TV movie.

Anonymous said...

As a descendant of his (through the Hungarian line--I think. history claims that the line died out; but I have a theory), I'm curious which wife that is supposed to be. He had two--a Transylvanian noblewoman and Ilona, a relative of Mathias Corvinus, with whom he had two children--Vlad IV Dracula and an unknown, who died (What a book THAT would make..I claimed it first! MINE! :P )

But about the movie, i think it was good. There were historical inaccuracies, but I blame the Germans for that mostly. See, the Germans (from Saxony) had settled in Transylvania and Vlad would have grown up seeing them as filthy, cheating merchants. As he grew up and saw them rob the Transylvanian people, he became voivode (which means prince/governor/duke/count (in Stoker's case).

So what he did was killed alot of the Saxons. In the end the Germans made up a lot of unflattering stories about him, which got translated to english easier than russian or romanian..and thus, we have Vlad the Impaler--Evil Vampire/Prince.

Marilyn said...

I ran accross it this morning, i recognized
V.vlad's was Ari the bad guy from NCIS, he was hot in those episodes, and hotter as Vlad, i think the movie was ok, but wasn't that well made, but will watch it again to see Ari, or rather