Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sexy Vamps, Singing Vamps, Scary Vamps

The Moog's You Raised A Vampire...was filmed in the historic Gothic building where the first 'Underworld' flick was filmed.

Check this out for a funny look at 10 Vampires That Suck Less Than 'True Blood'.

For a detailed review of the Korean language film THIRST featuring a Roman Catholic priest who wants to do good for mankind, but ends up with a killer virus. (Would that virus have anything to do with making him crave blood?)

Who's our sexiest vampboy of the month over at VampBoyz? Click here for a fun interview with James Marsters on how his Spike fame follows him everywhere.

Karl Urban to play 'Priest' in the post-apocalyptic futuristic war between men and vampires.

It's been reported that Robert Downey Jr. has denied rumors that he would play Lestat. [Bummer.]

Link to watch the COMPLETE 1922 version of NOSFERATU over at MTV. Go Max Schreck!

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Ceri said...

Ah crumbs. It would have been nice seeing a Robert Downey Jr Lestat. :-S