Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vamps: Beyond Edward and Bella

Hey, it's my blog, I can promote my own stuff, right? :-) Just wanted to let you all know today is the release day for MOON KISSED. The hero is a vampire, the heroine mortal. Vampires are in the story. But if I told you exactly how they are involved in the story I'd be revealing too much. Suffice to say, this is a vampire and werewolf story. For more info and to read the first chapter, check my website.

I write vampires in my two series, Bewitch The Dark and Wicked Games. Here's a list of the titles:

Bewitch the Dark series:
From the Dark (vampire hero/witch heroine)
Kiss Me Deadly (vamp hero/witch heroine)
His Forgotten Forever (vamp hero/mortal heroine)
The Devil To Pay (vamp hero/witch hero)

Wicked Games series:
The Highwayman (demon hunter hero/familiar heroine; ok, no vamps)
Moon Kissed (werewolf hero/mortal heroine)
Her Vampire Husband (vampire hero/werewolf heroine; April '10 release)

And it occurs to me lately, that there are many writers who wish the Twilight crowd would discover their work. No offense, but there are a lot of newbie readers to the vampire genre with Twilight. And they think those are the first vampire stories out there. But you know what? There are so many cool vampire stories just waiting to be discovered now that you've finished the Twilight series. There are excellent titles in Young Adult and in the adult Romance section that would appeal.

I think a lot of young adult readers are not so sure about checking out the Romance section in the bookstore. They may feel those books are not oriented toward their reading tastes. Sure, the characters are older, not teens, but the stories are just as adventurous, exciting, sexy and fun as the ones found in the YA section.  (And seriously, a lot of the characters are quite young, in their twenties.)  If the sexiness scares you off, don't worry. In Romance there is a range of sexiness from book to book. Some are very sweet (sweeter than even the YA stuff!), some get very detailed. And there is a vast range in between those two extremes. The one thing Romance promises the reader is a great story and a happy ending. And man, are there a lot of vampire romances to choose from!

Here's the trick, I think, to finding a new vampire story. Look for authors who have series. If an author continues to put out books in a particular series that means the publisher keeps buying from them because their sales are good. Meaning, someone out there must like what they are writing. That doesn't mean an author with just one vampire title isn't any good. Far from it. But it's a good means to start in a genre you haven't tried before.

I put up The Ultimate VampList online, which lists vampire titles in various genres. You can select Young Adult and scan for authors who have series if you're looking for something new. Same thing with Romance. Check it out, and look for authors with a list of books under their names. For further information, you can click on the title to read reviews at Amazon and decide if this might be a story you'd like to try.

I haven't read a lot of Young Adult, so I won't even attempt to recommend authors here. But here's a few names from romance you may want to try to satisfy your cravings for more blood—er, good reading material. ;-)

Amanda Ashley
Michele Bardsley
MaryJanice Davidson
Tate Hallaway
Sherrilyn Kenyon
Rosemary Laurey
Tanith Lee
Katie MacAlister
Michelle Rowan
Maggie Shayne
Kerrilyn Sparks
and of course, Michele Hauf
(just to name a few) ;-)

So who can recommend names in Young Adult and Romance they enjoy and feel would be great followups to the Twilight stuff?  Surely Twilight fans are hungry for more vampires?


Michelle G said...

For YA I really like the following:

Rachel Caine - The Morganville Vampires
Richelle Mead - The Vampire Academy
L J Smith - The Vampire Diaries
*Nancy A Collins - Vamps

* Nancy A Collins also wrote the Sonja Blue series and that is an awesome series.

I would also suggest Charlaine Harris. Her Sookie Stackhouse series is great and even though it's not YA - it is mild as far as the sexual content goes (unlike the new show on HBO, which I love).

Have a great day.


Ceri said...

What a great post. I'm forever telling Twilight fans (and newbies to the vampire genre) to branch out and explore more of what's out there.

lunaticcafe said...

My sister is reading some stuff by P.C. Cast- I can't vouch for it myself but she really loves these books.

Michele Hauf said...

Michelle, thanks for the suggestions. I've read the Sonja Blue stuff; very hard core. But an excellent writer. I think I have Vamps on my TBR pile.

Pc Cast is amazing! I've only read her Goddess stuff, not her vamps, but I'm sure they're equally as good.

Let's go forth and convert some Twilight readers to so more new and exciting vampires!

tina werner said...

big fan of Richelle Mead - Vampire Academy (her 4th book in that series: Blood Promise just came out on Monday!)

love pc cast too! her House of Night series is very cool.

tina werner said...

oh and Charlaine Harris: sookie stackhouse series is so much fun! highly recommended!!!

Melissa said...

Michele~~Happy Release Day!!
I'm not a reader of YA, either, so can't help you there. Although I am tempted to try Gena Showalters Intertwined.

Michele Hauf said...

Melissa, I'd say try Showalter's Intertwined because all her other stuff rocks so much.

I need to check out Richelle Mead. Current vampire books on my TBR stack are Marta Acosta, Maggie Shayne, Tate Hallaway, and today I got Tracy O'Hara's COld Kiss of Night. Currently reading Eric Wilson's Haunt of Jackals. Great stuff!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Happy Release day, Michele! Can't wait to read the new book, gotta love the whole werewolf thing. The Highwayman was fab so I want to read the sexy and enigmatic wolf man's story.

YA authors- Kim Harrison's new YA book rocks, according to my daughter who is reading it right now, Once Dead Twice Shy. And I have heard fab things about PC Cast's series also the new Rachel Vincent YA series Soul Screamers.

Michelle Rowen's first book in her new YA series hits shelves in October.And I just came across Showalter's new YA book Intertwined looks so interesting I want to read it.