Monday, September 7, 2009

Hot Blood Guest: Tracey O'Hara

Our Hot Blood guests are a little different from the author interviews we do on random Mondays. Hot Blood will showcase a recent vampire release and the author. Today's Hot Blood features Tracey O'Hara. Night's Cold Kiss is her debut release which hit bookstores at the end of August. It is Urban Fantasy, the first in the Dark Brethren series, and the vampires are the villains in this story. [Michele's note: I've just started the book and it is VERY good. Lots of action! And great worldbuilding.]

So please welcome Tracey with her guest post today!


Since I’m here at the VampChix I thought I would write about vampires. We all love our vampires. I guess the first vampire I really came across in literature and movies was Dracula. I guess my most vivid image of Dracula though was the movie starring Gary Oldman as the famous vampire. Now others in the cast were not so stellar. I mean Keanu Reeves, as much as I love him in other things, was terrible as Jonathan Harker. But Oldman captured the mesmerising quality I’d imagined a vampire, especially the vampire, would need to seduce his prey into submitting so completely.

Over the years vampires have changed. There are purists who say that is wrong, but I like the difference. Take, for example, Joss Whedon’s vampires of Buffy and Angel. They were demons replacing the soul of a human with a demon. They didn’t have a beating heart, they didn’t breath and they couldn’t go out in sunlight, they had funny faces when they got their fangs. But they were a little bit different and I liked it.

One of the best TV series I saw was a short-lived British show called Ultraviolet. I’m not even sure these vampires were even dead. They couldn’t go out in sunlight, they drank blood, though I never saw any fangs, and they seemed to be humans infected with a virus. They were called leaches, infected with code V, the Roman numeral for five and weren’t ever referred to as vampires, the word was never used. But those of us watching it knew what they were. I guess anything goes as long as the writer is consistent with the rules they set up.

So when I decided to write a paranormal story and started to explore “my world”, I was going to make my vampires different. My vampires, ones I could create with what I wanted and what made sense to me. You see, I am a logical person, as my day job as an analyst programmer will attest. So things have to make sense. I could never understand why a vampire could never see themselves in a mirror. So mine can. And I didn’t really want to call them vampires, in fact my Aeternus find the term quite derogatory.

Another thing that didn’t make sense to me was why go to all the trouble of seducing a food source if they were just going to die; especially if the hunter has the speed and strength to overtake their prey with ease. Wouldn’t it be better if to developed a symbiotic relationship and keep the food source alive?

That said, I still love the adrenalin thrill of the vicious killing machine, one that hunts and kills for fun as much as to survive. So my death-high addicted Necrodreniacs were born. And with the potential for sexy heroes and heroines to turn into these killers adds a bit of spice to the story.

So that’s my take on vampires. What do you love or hate about vampires you’ve read about or watched in a movie? And what would you change if you could?


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Tracey O'Hara said...

Thanks so much for having me Michele and VampChix for having me. T

Mel Teshco said...

Hi Tracey!
great article, and a great insight of what made your characters who they are.
What do I love about vampires in books and movies: there's always the unexpected, the thrill of the hunt, the alpha male and need for blood (sometimes their hunger if their only weakness, but they'd be boring without at least one fragility!) And I also love the different world building now in both books and movies - same rules - boring!!
I don't think there's anything I'd change about vampires... pehaps I'd give them a soul =)

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for sharing Tracey.
I love your take on the vampire.
I am looking forward to reading NIGHT'S COLD KISS.
I don't like the "sparklyness" of the Twilight vampires.
Also I love C.S. Friedman's take on the vampire in her novel THE MADNESS SEASON.
All the best,

My Blog 2.0 (Dottie) said...

Hi Tracy and Michele!

I love all kinds of vamps. There all special in their own ways and each one appeals in some way.

I love their fluid movements, the pheromones they exude to attract their prey (and everything is prey), alpha males and females that keep on going.

Don't change anything!

Dottie :)

lunaticcafe said...

There is not a single thing I would change about vampires. I like how each author tweaks the myths to fit into their worlds. All those little changes are what keeps me reading vampire books. If everything was always the same I might get bored.

Tracey- Thanks for the great post.


Eleni Konstantine said...

Hey Tracey, great post. What I love about vampires? I love the variety of them. I love that in one story they can be the 'baddies' and the next they can be the 'goodies'. For me any change is fine, if it's weaved well into the world and story.

E x (who is still waiting for her copy of Night's Cold Kiss to arrive!!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry everyone - been at work.

Mel - Kiss - hey babe, thanks for dropping by. And I know how you LOVE and alpha ;-)

RKCharron - lovely to see you again. I actually didn't mind the "sparkliness" it was part of who they were. There were a few other thing that I didn't like so much but that is my personal taste.

Dottie - what's not to love about an alpha hunter.

Anna - I agree wholeheartedly. The differences makes a fresher read.

Eleni - Me too. I love a baaaad vampire.

Erica Hayes said...

I'd forgive a sparkling vampire if he had a personality :)

But mostly I love 'em all. I even love the angsty ones!