Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Movie quotes: Blade and Blade Trinity

I thought it might be fun to put up some of the best, and worst, lines from our favorite vampire movies. The Blade movies have always had some of the best characters out there. Remember funny guy Ryan Reynolds as Hannibal King- so ripped and absolutely hilarious, Stephen Dorff playing the incredibly hot vampire leader, Deacon Frost, and nobody can deny that Wesley Snipes is a hardcore Blade. Here are a few of my favs, with some of the language bleeped to protect the innocent:)

Blade (1998):

Whistler: Christ! I'm too old for this! Somebody get me a goddamned wheelchair!

Blade: Some mother#$%^&@! are always trying to skate uphill.

Blade: Trinity (2004):

Hannibal: So, can we just go right ahead and sign up for one of our secret decoder rings?

Hannibal: I picked Danica up in a bar, and spent the next five years playing hide-and-go-suck as her little vampire cabana boy.

Dracula: Kill one man, you're a murderer, kill a million, a king. Kill them all, a God.

What are your favorite lines? Did you like the comedy that Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) brought to the third movie? As you can see, I didn't care overmuch for the second movie but I loved the first and third. What about you- what is your favorite Blade movie?


Daelith said...

One scene I always liked out of Blade Trinity was this one (cleaned up a bit).

Hannibal King: [to the dog licking his ear] Back off, pooch.
[the dog opens its three-jawed mouth, showing vampire fangs and a Reaper-style tongue]
Hannibal King: [shouts] Jesus Christ!
[he bolts to his feet]
Hannibal King: What the f?
Asher Talos: [picking up the dog] Good dog.
Hannibal King: [shouts] What the f?
Asher Talos: His name's Pac-Man. We've been porting the vampire gene into other species, experimenting.
Hannibal King: You made a damn vampire Pomeranian?

Linda Henderson said...

I have to admit I liked the first Blade movie the best.

Michele Hauf said...

Like you, Anna, I liked 1 and 3, but #2, not so much. I think they tried to make it too...much in #2. It was too horrific, and didn't concentrate as much on character as just spilling buckets o' blood.

Did anyone ever see the Blade TV series? I thought that had a lot of potential, but it never lasted longer than a season. That always happens to me when I find a great new show! It gets cancelled!

Vickie said...

Blade is the best, but I will admit to guilty pleasure viewing of the other two.

Daelith said...

Michele - I remember the tv series. I only watched a couple episodes though cause I wasn't overly impressed with it. Just couldn't hold my attention.

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