Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Vampire U

In Transylmania, a motley group of college students embark on the wildest, sexiest, most outrageous semester abroad ever at Razvan University. Located deep in the heart of the “cursed land” of Transylvania in a centuries-old castle, Razvan isn’t your typical institution of higher learning – and the black leather-clad professors, three-foot-tall dean, instruction in crucifix-wielding, and topless vampiresses lurking in dark corners are just the start. It seems Castle Razvan was overtaken by a band of vampires led by the feared Vampire King Radu in the dark ages who’s come back to reclaim it.
A bubbling cauldron of wacky horror spoof, vampire action-adventure, and naughty college comedy, Transylmania culminates in a hilarious climax that just might leave our bumbling heroes not Euro-trashed, but Euro-slashed. Transylmania will be sure to slay audiences with its biting wit and bring a welcome levity to the air of heavy drama typically found in the midst of awards season.

TRANSYLMANIA opens in limited release on DECEMBER 4th.


susan said...

This sounds like a different gene and I am already interested. You sure are making me do alot of changes, Michelle, but good ones. ha susan L.

Falling Off The Shelf said...

Sounds very interesting! I'm looking forward to it...and he looks just yummy..heh.

lunaticcafe said...

Where do you find all this weird stuff? This looks interesting and I will probably catch the dvd, since I am compelled to give all things vampire a chance.