Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blood Ties season 2 releases on DVD


3DVD Set Of Lifetime’s Scintillating Vampire Series

~October 6, 2009~

New York, NY (September 17, 2009)—Just in time for Halloween, Eagle Rock Entertainment will release the second season of Lifetime’s acclaimed series Blood Ties on 3DVD set. [MSRP $26.99]

Fang-frenzied fans that devoured Season 1 of the series (released via Eagle on 4DVD June 2) need not wait long for another dose of this bloodsucker indulgence. The set features nine full episodes, plus a bonus photo gallery and Season 1 trailer. Based on the book series written by Tanya Huff, which is in its 17th printing, Blood Ties is a captivating crime drama dripping with mystery, suspense, horror, and romance. It nestles in perfectly with the current vampire craze, released just in time for the release of Twilight: New Moon in theatres and the second season of True Blood on HBO.

In season two, private eye Vicki Nelson and her vampire cohort Henry Fitzroy continue to encounter esoteric cases involving paranormal occurrences. In addition to the complications of solving murders and unraveling occult mysteries, the plot thickens with the romantic tension between Nelson, Fitzroy, and Nelson’s former partner Mike Celluci. The story only gets murkier as Christina, the vampire who original gave Fitzroy that first bite 480 years ago, pops into the picture to shake up the story even further! Living up to its tagline, Blood Ties truly is “A Crime Series With Bite.”


Daelith said...

Glad to see this is getting released.

I have to say it really irritated me when I purchased the first one thinking I was getting the entire season one. They divided the one and only season of this show into two sets of DVDs. Sneaky, sneaky. That will teach me to make sure it says ENTIRE season from now on.

Michele Hauf said...

I should have a copy of this season two DVD to give away as a prize during the VampBash at the end of the month!