Monday, October 5, 2009

Guest: Kerrelyn Sparks

Today's guest is Kerrelyn Sparks!  She's written historical romance and currently is writing the popular and very funny Love At Stake vampire romance series.  Please stop by her website and you can view the book trailer for Forbidden Nights With A Vampire and a video of Kerrelyn talking about her upcoming vamp books.

Q:  You started in the romance genre writing historicals.  What led you toward writing about vampires?  Do you write more dark and brooding or funny and sexy vamps?

A:  My historical romance, For Love or Country, was a humorous romp, set in revolutionary Boston.  When I found it impossible to sell another historical set during the American Revolution, I switched to paranormal romance.  My sense of humor remains the same, and in an odd way, I feel like I’m still writing historical heroes.  The setting for the Love at Stake series is contemporary, but the vampire heroes can be centuries old.  For me, that makes the perfect combination. I can write the historical hero with his old-fashioned sense of honor and pair him up with a feisty modern heroine.

Q:  You have seven books in the Love At Stake series so far.    How many books do you have planned in the series.  Are they all tied together, and how?  Do some characters cross over from one story to the next?

A:  Yes, seven so far. Book eight, The Vampire and the Virgin, releases in March 2010.  Four more books are scheduled, bringing the total to twelve, but the series might continue past that.  It all depends on the readers!  Each book features a new hero and heroine, but since they are all part of the same world, they cross over into other books.

Q: What classic myths about the vampire do you use in your stories?  What powers or myths have you made up?

A: In line with some of the older beliefs, my vamps can be killed by decapitation, burning, or a stake through the heart. They don’t cast a shadow or a reflection in a mirror.  They are helpless in a death-sleep when the sun is up, and they need blood to survive.  They are capable of mind control, which I have expanded to an ability to have mind sex.  My vamps cannot shift into bats or other animals. Nor can they fly. But they can levitate and teleport.  And of course, the Vamp heroes are exceptionally handsome and sexy!

Q: Do you feel with the popularity of vampires right now, that they’ll be forced back into the coffin soon, in favor of angels or demons or some other creature?

A: I think there will always be a place for vampires.  But I also believe there’s plenty of room for all kinds of paranormal creatures. 

Q: What other creatures populate your world?  And if there are others, have you ever written a story about one of them?

A: I’ve been enlarging the world of the Love at Stake series to include different kinds of creatures.  Forbidden Nights with a Vampire coupled a vamp heroine with a werewolf hero.  I’m currently working on book nine, which features a sexy were-panther hero.  I also have half-vampire children and shapeshifter children in the series.  I have other plans for expanding the world, but that’s a secret for now!

Q:  If you could cast the characters for a silver screen version of one of your books, which book, and which actors?

A: I tend to fantasize more about the heroes (duh!), so I have considered which actors should play them.  Roman Draganesti, from How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire, would be Alex O’Loughlin from Moonlight.  Austin from Vamps and the City would be Sawyer from Lost.  The Scottish Highlander vamp, Angus MacKay, would be played by Gerard Butler in a kilt.  Yum! I’m going to stop there and let that image resonate with me for a while….

Q:  What’s your writing schedule like?  Are you a morning writer or do you share hours with the vamps you write about?

A: Morning, what’s that?  I’m much more comfortable writing after dark.

Q: What’s your next release, and can you give us sneak peeks toward future books?

A: The Vampire and the Virgin releases March 2010.  I’m currently working on book nine, which stars Carlos, the Brazilian were-panther.  Right now, it looks like book ten will feature Connor Buchanan, a Scottish vampire who has been fiercely opposed to romance.  He’ll finally meet his match!  You can usually find excerpts to new releases posted a few months early at my website,  In the Vampire World section of my website, you can find book trailers, vampire games, and a forum where you can chat with me and other readers.

Here’s the same five questions we ask all our guests:

Dark or Light?  Light. I love to laugh!
Historical or Modern?  Modern.  Less clothes to take off, hee, hee.
Fav Movie or TV vampire?  Frank Langella for movies and Angel for TV.
Bagged or from the Neck?  From a bottle! Not that I would ever keep a handsome vampire from having a little nibble.
Dead or Undead?  Undead! They refuse to die.

Kerrelyn would like to give away one copy of ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A VAMPIRE to one lucky commenter today!  So leave a comment!  Winner will be announced on Wednesday.


Alicia0605 said...

#1 Light makes me happy

#2 Modern means technology

#3 TV Vampire-Spike from Buffy. He is just so damn sexy.

#4 From the neck. I cant imagine it any other way. Meals are better hot.

#5 Undead. I prefer they stay around longer.


Anonymous said...

#1 Light with a mixture of dark

#2 Modern means technology, which gets the vamp confused if written right.

#3 TV Vampire-Angel. Movie-...hmm..Wesley Snipes as the DHAMPIRE (half vampire), Blade.

#4 From the neck. Something sensual from that.

#5 Undead. Doesn't undead technically mean "not dead" ? and therefore, alive? lol!

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for the great interview with Kerrelyn Sparks & thanks to Kerrelyn for sharing.
I love learning more about the author and behind the stories of stories.
Kerrelyn Sparks - are you on Twitter?
I've searched & cannot find you.
All the best,

Chris R said...

Great interview! Guess I am going to have to search for the ones I don't have in my TBR pile yet.

Melissa said...

Great interview, and Kerrelyn, you are so right!! I've never really thought about it, but alot of vamp stories are alot like reading a historical. I love the cover of The Secret Life of a Vampire!

Calliope said...

Great interview - I love Roman and Shanna and always enjoy when they make appearances in later books. Tino is so adorable! I can't wait to read more!

J Hali said...

I look forward to each and every one of your Love at Stake stories! They are such a joy to read.

Just saying hi--I've already got the book and it's signed *grins*

Karen H said...

I love your books and highly recommend them to anyone who likes vampire stories (although they're so much more). And I used the series to advise another group that you've solved the problem of vampires not being able to see their reflections with the "new" digital technology. I would love my very own copy of "All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire" with the yummy Nathan Kamp on the stepback.

Nancy G said...

I enjoy the humor in your Love at Stake books as much as the romance. There are very few auto buys for me, but yours I truly try to get as soon as possible.

Holly said...

Love your Love at Stake books, Kerrelyn! When I discovered them, I read them all one right after the other until I'd read everything. Can't wait for the next one :-)

Artfully Stamping said...

I would love to win a copy! I already have all of her books but I an autographed copy would be awesome! :)

sgttibbs said...

Kerrelyn!! Thanks for the sneak peek to who number 10 may be!! I love your books and look forward to reading the newest one.

You rock Kerrelyn!!

Dante Karlo said...

I have sooo many authors that I read. but definitely only a few special of them have the title of fav and you are it. I just love your books, hope to win your book. Thanks and keep em coming. :-D

Stephanie said...

While I can appreciate stopping at the image of Gerard Butler in a kilt.... I wonder who you see as my two favorite heroes of yours - Jean Luc and Ian...

But definitely like the humor in your books.

Anonymous said...

I truly love the Love at Stake series! The humor and romance aspects of them take me to a world away from my worries and daily routine. I own the entire series and look forward to the next addition to my library! March can't get here quick enough LOL Keep up the great job and thank you for all you do!

Virginia C said...



Frank Langella//David Boreanaz

From the neck by Gerard Butler with or without the kilt

Undead and livin' large

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

Mandy1023 said...

Awesome I so can't wait until the new book arrives. I don't have much time for reading anymore but I'm sure I'll make time.

Carol L. said...

Hi Kerrylyn.
I enjoyed your interview here today. Gerard Butler as Angus, oh boy ..Love those Highlanders. Can't wait to read book 10. :)
Carol L.

Minna said...

Great interview!

Joan said...

Great interview. My daughter recently got me reading about vampires. I would love to win one of your books. Happy Halloween.

yeseniamv said...

Love all the books. Can't wait for the next one. YAY.

-Yesenia V.

Cullen said...

Your Love at Stake series is one of my all-time favorites. Thanks for creating such terrific characters and stories.

Siren said...

I have read this series from the beginning and continue to thoroughly enjoy it. I can't wait for the next book!

Leslie said...

Thank you Kerrelyn for taking the time to answer these questions. Also thank you so much for your books. With kids I haven't made much time for reading in my life, but I seen one of your books and picked it up and I couldn't put them down. I have read the all the books in the series, and can't wait for the next one. Thanks to you I have brought reading back in my life and now I even see the kids reading more because they see mom reading. I have recommened these books to my friends and family. They have the perfect mix drama, action, humor, romance you name it, these books have it!!!

Jennifer said...

I love your books! Can't wait for the new one!

Daelith said...

I can so easily see Angus being played by Gerard Butler. *fans self*
Love those Scottish vampires.

cheleooc at yahoo dot com

buddyt said...

Please enter me in the giveaway.
Thank you.


buddytho {at} gmail DOT com

kimmyl said...

Great interview! I love your books escpecially the Love at Stake series! I love the characters and the settings. Please enter me.

katsrus said...

Can't wait to read your book. I love a little humor in mine. Great interview. Thanks for the contest.

Patti said...

What a terrific interview. I always look forward with great anticipation to the release of your books.

Nancy said...

I loved the newest book Renegade hunter. Your love at stake series is a favorite for me. I look for to each books, like it was a loved one coming home.

Thank for the romance and humor all rolled into one delightful book.

Can't wait for your next installment!

heidi87 said...

Kerrilyn is one of my favorite vamp authors. I make sure I have the dates of her next books log on my phone calendar so I don't miss one. I can't wait for the Virgin and the Vampire. And when Conner's story comes I can't wait. he is one of my favorite guys so he will fun to read about. thanks Kerilyn and keep writing those vamp books I love them

Anonymous said...

Kerrilyn Sparks= amazing. Her first book, "millionaire Vampire" is what introduced me to the vampire world. Addicted and there is no cure.

I absolutely agree with her casting for the vampires. I want to hear what she has for the REST of them!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kerrelyn :)
I have got to say, you write some of the funniest vamps stories out there *bg* I look forward to The Vampire and the Virgin... and hope to get to see you at The Buns and Roses tea this wknd :)

Tami said...

Vampires will never go out of style. :) Love love love them! Great interview. :)

Thanks for sharing.


Kerrelyn Sparks said...

From: Kerrelyn
Thanks for all the compliments!

I'm afraid I'm not doing twitter. It's hard enough to find time to write these days, and I'm deathly afraid of any more distractions. I get so easily pulled in. I am on Facebook, though, and I have a forum on my website in the Vampire World.

Thanks for all the support! Hugs!

Razlover's Book Blog said...

Hi Kerrelyn,

Great interview and post!

I enjoy reading this series but haven't had a chance to read all of them!

Karen Millett said...

really cool interview. I just love reading the Love At Stake series. They are really great books and looking forward to the next one.

Melody said...

I enjoy your Books!! Thanks You for Q&A on the blog :o}.

Melody said...

I enjoy your Books!! Thanks You for Q&A on the blog :o}.

ColleenFL said...

Great interview! I love the Love at Stake series. I have reread most of them esp. How To Marry a Millionare Vampire. Just the right mix of vampire romance and humor.

Pat Cochran said...

I have a couple of vamp-romance books, but I still have not brought
myself up to reading them! I try
but just can't get into the genre.

Pat Cochran

Cheryl said...

Great interview. I love your books.

Dark but also like light (depends on my mood)

Historical-something about the gentleman and his manners that gets me

I don't really have a fav vampire. I like them all

From the neck. .yummy

Undead (of course)

Thanks Cheryl

clbstitch at yahoo dot com

AliceAnderson said...

That's a good point about vamps being historical heroes in a modern setting. I'd never really thought of it that way. And lol about "from a bottle!" I guess most things are better when served from a wine glass, right?

Virginia said...

Hi Kerrelyn, great interview! I really enjoyed! I am a shamed to say I have never read one of your book! I do enjoy reading a good vampire book every now and then! I read the Twilight series this summer and really enjoyed them. I hope to check out your books too!


chivixen said...

I really like Sparks she is very imagative. She really draws you in and makes you care about the characters.

Shari C said...

Thanks for the interview. I have definitely enjoyed the Love at Stake series and am looking forward to 'The Vampire and the Virgin' and any further novels in this series. Great Reads!

Scifibookcat said...

I've loved all of your books and I can't wait for March! Thanks for making me smile.

catslady said...

My daughter got me into the Twilight series and now I'm looking for this same genre. Yours sound right up my alley :)

Donna Caubarreaux said...

I'll take Gerard in a kilt...or nothing. And he can dance as well. He won a Relly Award for dancing with Kelly Ripa on the Regis and Kelly Show.

I'd like Tom Selleck in a kilt as well, though nothing would be much better.

A nibble on the neck from either of those would make me so happy. Thanks for making me grin...what a visual.

Debby said...

I read your historicals. I am going to have to try a vampire. Thye look great!

Venas Hasaya said...

Yay!! Cant' wait for the next three volumes!! Especially Connor. Boy needs some loving dearly. Love the series keep it up. One day I hope I can write like you.

susan said...

I am just getting interested in vampires and all of these sounds good...sad to say I haven't read any of these YET. I keep adding to my TBL and so I will in the near future get some of these. I surprised myself by liking them. susan L.

susan said...

this was a great interview and happy to get the chance to read it and find out new things behind the scenes. susan L.

mldennison said...

This was a really good interview!

ddurance said...

Ah, for the love of a vampire, what would we do? Isn't that the question? What if?


The Book Vixen said...

Great interview! I enjoyed getting to know her better. Unique questions too!

Marianne said...

Great reading Kerrelyn! I cannot wait to read what you have done with Connor-I'm so curious! Carols huh? Hmm...I have so many questions about him, can't wait for that one as well! I love that you have other plans-love your imagination!

Kerrelyn Sparks said...

Many thanks to everyone for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments! For those of you not familiar with my books, please drop by my website at There, you can read the excerpts to make sure my books are your cup of tea. You can also find the booklist in case you want to read the books in order (which isn't necessary, but probably more fun to do).

Thanks again for your support! Happy reading!

Sagittarius Uisce Beatha said...

I have every intention of owning all the Love at Stake books. I bought Be Still my Vampire Heart after reading an excerpt and I absolutely loved it. I then lent it to a friend who also loved it. Every time I buy a new book in the series I devour it in one night and then lend it to my friend who does the same thing.

Norma said...


Your books are a great way to escape the real world! Thanks for writing them and kep up the good work!

Jessilyn said...

Dark or Light? Dark always... darkness is beautiful sometimes
Historical or Modern? Modern its just me..
Fav Movie or TV vampire? Movie Lestat in Queen of the damned..staurt townsend would be an awesome real vampire..
Bagged or from the Neck? Neck seductive..
Dead or Undead? something about the undead.. just makes my day..

hollie said...

A lovely interview I love your Vampire books ~ well if i'm honest I like most vampire books but yours are some of the best. good luck with your next book i'm looking forward to it.

Gabby said...

Nice interview, I'm ashamed to say that it's been awhile since I've read "A Love at Stake." book but you can bet as soon as I can either get more of them or dig them out of my boxes I'm starting the series over again. I'm a stickler for book order no matter how hard I try not to be.

I think it's awesome that your matching vamp heroins with were heroes, don't get me wrong I love my vamp novels but I'm really into were creatures it's always been that way! So I'm glad to know that your going to give other creatures their time in the spotlight! That's great!

SiNn said...

Dark or Light? dark yet some light

Historical or Modern? Modern. Less clothes to take off, hee, hee.
Fav Movie or TV vampire? Blade for movies and Mick stjohn for TV.

Bagged or from the Neck? from the neck nothing like hot blood and a sexy guy

Dead or Undead? Undead! They refuse to die.

awesome interview thankyou for the awesome contest

rm2h said...

I like a mixture of various types of supernatural characters. It kinda of changing the flow of the book.

Donna said...

Kerrelyn, Love your books. Keep writing.

afstone3 said...

Wonderful interview. Thanks to Kerrelyn and her Love at Stake series she changed my views about Paranormal books, now I love them.


pblair said...

I can't wait for Conner to bite the big one. It should be verra goud.

Maria said...

I really love your books, Kerrelyn! I have been telling all my friends that love vamps and shapeshifters about them and I have quite a few hooked already! When is it going to be Connor's turn? What's his story?

susan said...

I was never one to read vampire books..not until I got into the websites and discovered what they are like. I need to enter contests to feed my habit..I get blood thirsty these days for some fresh blo...oops I mean books. ha ha susan L.

McGowan Photography said...

LOVE your books! Can't wait for the newest to come out!

orelukjp0 said...

I read tons of books, many of which involve the paranormal. I especially love vampires. I have to say that your unique twist on the vampire society, bottled blood, television, etc... keeps me coming back for more. I just can't get enough. The characters are so real and their lives have me wanting to know everything they do. I can't wait for The Vampire and the Virgin so I can find out more. The school for the children, the traits they have, the development of a better way to procreate besides wiping DNA, I need more.
Thank you so much for fulfilling my needs with your wonderful series.

katcrouch said...

Wonderful interview! I can't wait to read Carlos's book, I have been half in love with him since he was pretending to be gay!

Chris J. said...

Hi Kerrelyn,
I love your books and am hoping you will be at the Fresh Fiction event in November. :)
The actors you picked, gees you must have read my mind! lol
Best Wishes and I hope the series continues for a long time!
Great contest.