Friday, October 9, 2009

Movie Quotes: Interview With the Vampire

One of my favorite vampire movies is Interview With The Vampire, although I will fully admit that the book was better. The casting wasn't quite on target for me. I'll fully review the movie in upcoming months but for now I thought I'd post some of the best lines in the movie.

Louis: Shall we begin like David Copperfield? I was born, I grew up...Or shall we begin when I was born into I call it.

Louis: Her blood coursed through my veins sweeter than life itself. And as it did, Lestat's words made sense to me. I knew peace only when I killed and when I heard her heart in that terrible rhythm, I knew again what peace could be.

Lestat: Your body's dying. Pay no attention, It happens to us all.

Lestat: You are a vampire who never knew what life was until it ran out in a big gush over your lips.

Lestat: Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like him as ourselves.

Claudia: Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of devils wing you to your rest.

Lestat: Merciful death. How you love your precious guilt.

(said after Claudia kills her seamstress)
Lestat: Claudia! Claudia! Now, who are we going to get to finish your dress? These impracticalities, cherie! Remember: never in the home!

Lestat: All I need to find you Louis, is follow the corpses of rats.


Alicia0605 said...

I love this movie. I havent seen it in years. Reading this makes me want to watch it again!!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen this movie in ages (still can't picture Tom as Lestat), but these are some wonderful quotes!

Rozlyn Sparks said...

Wonderful quotes. This is one of my favorite moves. And yes, the book was better. =)

Anna Dougherty said...

After I scheduled this post I had to watch the movie again. So tonight is Interview With The Vampire movie night.

ddurance said...

Definitely a very quotable movie. The words just flow so sweetly.

Here's another one:
Louis: How do we seem to you? Do you find us beautiful, magical? Our white skin, our fierce eyes? "Drink" you ask me, do you have any idea of the thing you will become?