Sunday, October 18, 2009

Review: Lenore: Noogies by Roman Dirge

 I'd never read or experienced the wild and throat-slashingly wacky artwork of Roman Dirge until I got a copy of Lenore: Noogies.  What took me so long?  Lenore is a cute little dead girl who has a penchant for accidental (and freakin' hilarious) murder.  She's never met a kitty she didn't like (or kill).  But hey, it was an accident!  Toss it aside.  On to the next kitty.  Her fav stuffed doll is actually a vampire who was cursed into the form, but with a drop of blood is reanimated, but sadly, Lenore has no blood to drink (she's embalmed, don't you know) so the vamp remains a pitiful playmate for Lenore.

This volume is a reprint of Dirge's original first four Lenore issues.  To read the author's note at the beginning, this was a painstaking process, as he had as much trouble getting this book to print as Lenore does just trying to keep her acquaintances alive.  

Oh, macabrely delicious little dead girl, my inner goth adores you!  I do look forward to the next release in Feb 2010, Wedgies, which is also a collection of previous Lenore issues.  Cooties follows, but I don't see a pub date for that yet.  Check Dirge's darkly manic world at SpookyLand.

[Note: We'll be giving away a copy of Noogies some time in November, so stay tuned!]

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Anonymous said...

I've not read this series yet either, but I think I'll try it (cannot believe Feb 2010 is like, a few months away!).

Thanks for posting, Michele!