Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Review: Vampire Haiku (And we've gone beyond 100!)

First, there's still time to enter to win Kerrelyn Sparks ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS A VAMPIRE.  Just page down and comment under her interview post.  A winner will be drawn tonight and announced Wednesday morning.  Also, we will give away another copy during the VampBash, so if you don't win, come back later!

Now when I started the VampChix blog I decided that for every 100 Followers the blog got, I'd give away some books.  And yesterday we went over the 100 mark!  So I've sorted through my collection of vamp books and found THE DRACULA BOOK OF GREAT VAMPIRE STORIES edited by Leslie Shepard.  This is an old book, and it's a first edition pubbed in 1977.  Bit of a collector's item.  As well, I'll toss in a copy of THE HIGHWAYMAN, MOON KISSED, and MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS by moi. ;-)  Now what do you have to do to win?  Nothing!  Because I'll draw a name from our Followers list and post the same time I announce Kerrelyn's winner.  But since Followers don't always stop in daily, you'll only have until Friday to claim your prize, or I draw another name.  Fair enough?  I'll give away books every time we pass another 100-mark with the Followers.  So get your friends to Follow, and spread the word!

Now, here's the promised review:

I was at a booksigning the other night and had LOTS of time to browse, so I happened on this book.  (I've since gone back to the store to buy it; it's a must have.)

I recently scheduled the author, Ryan Mecum, to guest blog at VampChix but I hadn't read the book, and wasn't really sure what it was about, just thought it would be cool to mix up the vampire books at the blog and have his featured.

So I picked up Vampire Haiku and started reading, and well, this is a very cool little book.  It's a story about a man who is changed to a vampire and falls in love with the vampiress, but they are destined to never be together.  It traces his footsteps through history to modern times.  And it's all told in Haiku form.

I know that sounds...weird.  But it is really kind of neat.  And some of the haikus are absolutely hilarious.

"Our first kiss was bad
for when she began necking,
I began bleeding."

"How to eat someone:
Hold tight, bite neck, suck hard, drink.
Repeat as needed."

"When a mosquito
pierces my neck and drinks blood,
is that irony?"

"After we caught up
we went out to have some fun.
By 'fun', I mean 'blond'."

If you're in a bookstore, and like vamps (you don't have to like haikus, but you will after reading this) check it out.  The author will give away a copy at VampChix when he guests during the VampBash.  I think I'll have a contest where readers have to write their own vampire haikus.  So start practicing your 5-7-5!  Should be fun!


Jo-Anne said...

Congrats on surpassing 100 followers!

Anna Dougherty said...

I actually have this haiku book and it really is good. I am not the biggest fan of poetry but this is an exception for me. The concept is new, creative, and original. Some of the verses are funny too!

105 followers? Awesome! Great giveaway too!

susan said...

Great news you made 100. That is a milestone to be proud of. Congrats to you. susan L.

susan said...

I am hoping to be entered in your wonderful give away. I really like books and since retired I find a lot more time to read. susan L.

Leslie said...

Skinny girl at school
Kept her pale lips closed it seemed
Her fangs showed last night