Friday, October 16, 2009

Review: Vampires by Joules Taylor

 First glance at this oversized, softcover book and one wonders who the guy on the cover is.  And if he's a vamp, where are his fangs? But a quick glance through of the contents finds page after page of gorgeous full-color illustrations and photos.  This may be just another addition to the various 'vampire encyclopedias' and 'all-about-vampires' books out there, but it stands out by design alone.  And the price, $14.99, should make this an easy addition to your library of vampire books.

It begins by explaining how vampires come to be and what their various skills and powers are.  Nothing new here, but the author does bring in examples from current and classic fiction, as well as popular television, which adds interest.

History and mythology segue into modern fictional vampires and even some 'real' vamps such as Highgate, Bathory, and Vlad, and it touches on goths and role-playing games.  You will quickly learn the author's favorite writers and silver-screen vamps, and some of the choices are refreshing and not seen before in this type of book—Twilight shares the pages with Underworld, The Addams Family, and Being Human.

All in all, it's difficult to touch on anything new in the vampire mythology, but you may want to replace some of your page-worn copies of vamp books with this bright, shiny copy.

[We'll be giving away a copy of VAMPIRES during the VampBash, so be sure to stop in all week!]


Anonymous said...

I like the guy on the cover, and with the addition of Being Human vamps in it -- I'll definitely be stopping by to try to win this one!

Linda Henderson said...

Sounds great, would love to win it.

Virginia said...

I think this might be interesting!

Anonymous said...

I love this book (I just bought it today. it was great)

One thing that bothers me though..when someone writes a vamp book, they forget one of the most famous vampire games ever--Castlevania!

Anthony Hogg said...

Giving away a copy? It's one of the books on my Amazon Wish List!

Bring it on!