Saturday, October 10, 2009

SwagList for the VampBash

Just to entice you to stop by every day during the VampBash I thought I'd list the swag I will be giving away.  Lots of signed books!  And a few other surprises...

Autographed books:

Bloody Good - Rosemary Laurey
The Vampire...In My Dreams - Terry Spear
Devour Me - Lydia Parks
Dark Harvest - Linda Hilburn
Matters of the Blood - Maria Lima
All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire - Kerrelyn Sparks
Retribution - M. Flagg
Eternal Desire - Roxanne Rhoads
Immortal Bad Boys - Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Casa Dracula - Marta Acosta
Shadowfae - Erica Hayes
Midnight Cravings/Kiss Me Deadly - Michele Hauf

Electronic Books:
Sealed In Blood - Margaret Carter
Desire To Die For - Jessica Lee
Release - Nicole Hadaway
The Vampire Oracle/Heart and Soul - Yolanda Sfetsos

Unsigned books:
I Burn For You - Susan Sizemore
The Goth Bible
Dreams of Decadence (antho)
Haunt of Jackals - Eric Wilson
Twilight - Meyers
Vampire Haiku - Ryan Mecum
How to Catch and Keep a Vampire
Blood Price - Tanya Huff
Vampires - Joules Taylor

Blood Ties DVD season 2 (3)
Dark Shadows DVDs (2)
The t-shirt! (with the vamp silhouettes that form a bat)
Fang-Tastic Book bag - Roxanne Rhoads
Bite Me magazine (2)
$20 GC to


Alicia0605 said...

I cant wait for this to start!! I hope I can win something!!

Shauna said...

Coooool! How does it work? Will there be multiple contests we sign up for on different days? Looks like fun, highlight of my Halloween!!! :)

ParaJunkee said...

Wow sounds great.

Terry Spear/Terry Lee Wilde said...

Thanks for hosting this, Michele!! I'll send out the word. :)

Anonymous said...

I'll definitely be sending the word out as well.

taraSG said...

Ahhh so excited!


Anonymous said...

I'll be plugging this on my Monday blog -- so much good stuff here! I've my eye on Casa Dracula signed novel and the bat t-shirt!

Michele Hauf said...

If any of you want to plug this at your blogs or websites, we'd love you for it! Grab the logo from the right sidebar and use if you wish, or even email me for a better jpg to use.

And if you have a vamp-specific blog and want to be featured on the 25th when we are featuring blogs, email me about that too.

M.Flagg said...

Thanks for hosting this, Michele. I'll get the word out as well.

Daelith said...

I love October!

Thank you

ddurance said...

Good stuff! 'Nuff said.