Sunday, October 25, 2009

VampBash Begins: Blogs, Wine, and Books

Let the bash begin!
All week we've got guest authors, a scavenger hunt to win autographed books, more books as prizes, DVDs and other cool swag.  Stop in every day because you are only eligible to win the day's prize if you enter that day.  You can enter every day, but only enter once a day.  As well, if you leave a comment (or contest entry) you will be eligible to win the Grand Prize on Saturday, which includes: BLOOD TIES DVD and book, Vampires mini-book, Vampire chocolate, and a $20 GC to

Now, it's going to get a little crowded here because we have so many great things to do each day.  So do read the entire day's worth of posts!

A little advance homework: I want you all to get working on your own vampire haikus.  Ryan Mekum will be a guest on Wednesday (he wrote Vampire Haiku) and will give away one copy of his book to a lucky winner.  How to enter?  On Wednesday, enter your own vampire haiku in the comments.  Here's my try:
Bloodshed is icky.
You, Vampire, better be neat,
or I will retreat!

Start working on your haikus today!  5 - 7 - 5, everyone!

So let's get things started with some wine and chocolate!

This special offer is from  The vampire at wants all the readers of the VampChix blog to check out the Vampire Vineyards wines and other products (beer, chocolate, fangs, clothing and other cool stuff).  This week only, October 25th - 31st, when you purchase anything at the sight, you can use the coupon code: VampChix  to save 10% off your entire order.  Yep!  The entire order.  Cool, eh?

I recommend the White Zinfandel, and the Dracula syrah.  Mmm, num.

And while you're checking out's newly vamped website (so pretty!), start Following them on Twitter, and become a fan on Facebook for alerts to sales and special package deals.

Today, VampChix would like to do a shout-out to some of their fav vampire blogs, and wants you to check them out, too.

The Vampire Wire is Marta Acosta's baby, and is an absolute must-add to your morning blog crawl.  It features the latest news about vampire, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance books, movies, and television.  She's always offering contests, gratuitous videos of the day, and author interviews.  Follow Vampire Wire on Twitter, too!

All Things Urban Fantasy - All Things Urban Fantasy provides brutally honest book reviews for the urban fantasy genre (crossing over into Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, YA etc.) that break down the best elements of the genre, while keeping readers up to date on upcoming releases, author info, interviews, giveaways (updated daily), and All Things Urban Fantasy.

SciFiGuy - You haven't been to SciFiGuy's blog yet?  What's keeping you?  Don't let the blog title scare you off, SciFiGuy reviews plenty of urban fantasy and paranormal romance.  His blog features author interviews and events and he's always first to post new covers from your favorite authors.  Be sure to watch the Tramp Stamp Cover video while you're there.  You think all urban fantasy covers feature women with tattoos?  SciFiGuy has the undisputed proof!

The Vampire Family - At The Vampire Family, our doors are open all night long!  Stop by when the day is quiet or in the wee hours before dawn for the latest appearances, news, and reviews.  Stay late for excerpts and interviews with The Vampire Family author Kristin Battestella or information on where to purchase your copy- in ebook or paperback.  Join us with our complete list of links, friend and follow options, or subscription feeds.  Bookmark The Vampire Family on Blogger for the total vampire experience!  

Bite Club - Spawned by VampChix, this blog is an online book club that only reads vampires.  Right now we're reading THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2, and we're going to start discussing it on October 30th.  So stop by and become a minion!  Next month we read Susan Sizemore's DARK STRANGER, and in December we've a debut author, Clare Willis, with ONCE BITTEN.

Fang-Tastic Books - The home of vampire and paranormal book reviews, author interviews and fang-tastic book giveaways.  Fang-Tastic books was created by author and vampire aficionado Roxanne Rhoads to showcase paranormal books and their authors.

Mondo Vampire - A blog devoted to vampires, dark fantasy, and gothic entertainment.  But mostly vampires.  Derek Tatum was featured last week with a guest blog about Vamps of the 70s.  If you liked his post, check out more at his blog.

Patricia's Vampire Notes - You've seen Patricia's awesome lists of monthly vampire releases here at VampChix.  Now check out her musing and reviews on vampires and other paranormal critters.

We've a couple books to give away today!  To enter to win, please send an email to: with "VAMPBASH DAY 1" in the subject line.  That's it!  We're starting out easy this week, nothing harder than sending an email.  Winners will be drawn to win one of the following books (and that includes a chocolate bar as well):

DREAMS OF DECADENCE - anthology (review copy)
I BURN FOR YOU - Susan Sizemore
THE GOTH BIBLE - Nancy Kilpatrick

Now to review:  Send an email to to be entered to win one of the above books (you're not entered to win a book if you leave a comment, only an email).  Stop by and get 10% off any purchase all week.  Start working on your vampire haiku.  Any comment made today will qualify you to be entered in the Grand Prize drawing.  And show some love to the blogs listed above!

All winners will be drawn and quartered announced on Saturday!

Tomorrow Maria Lima guests and is giving away a copy of MATTERS OF THE BLOOD.  We also have books from Lydia Parks, Rosemary Laurey, Terry Spear and Lynda Hilburn to give away along with a Dracula DVD.  See you tomorrow!


SciFiGuy said...

I haven't written a haiku since grade school which truly makes it a challenge. A terrific start to the Bash!

Anonymous said...

YAY day 1..
some blogs you listed are new to me,I'm off to check them out.

Derek Tatum said...

All Things Urban Fantasy is known for being "brutally honest?" Adding that to my to-read list, pronto!

Thanks for the shout-out; I guess I should come up with my own nifty banner graphic at some point!

Linda Henderson said...

I'm also going to check out some new blogs. I've never written haiku before, should be interesting.

makeart said...

Going to start work on my haiku now! :-)

Judy said...

Great contest, looks like alot of fun and things to do. I enjoy Fang-Tastic Books. There are a couple of these I have not checked out either. Going now to check them out and also try to figure out a haiku!!!!

Virginia said...

It sounds like this is going to be a great week. I not sure about writing a haiku but who knows.

Virginia C said...

Thanks to SciFiGuy for the VampBash reminder! This week should be a lot of fun. I will try to be absolutely abstract and come up with a Vamp Haiku!

gcwhiskas at aol dot com

robynl said...

many new blogs, wow.
now for a Haiku, probably not, lol.

Donna [Fantasy Dreamer's Ramblings] said...

I've tried writing Haikus but mine pretty much suck, no pun intended. Might still give it a try though. :)

Oh, I ordered a bottle of Dracula Syrah. It sounds delicious - chocolate.

Alicia0605 said...

A Haiku, yeah I dont really see that happening.

I had not been to Its really awesome. I'm going to have to order some wine!!

susan said...

loved the stories and you included some great topics. I like the idea of a book and some bloody red wine please. susan L.

RKCharron said...

Hi Michele :)
I just joined All About Urban Fantasy.
Thank you for bringing these blogs to my attention, and for the links.
All the best,

jennifer said...

I loved the blogs thanks

Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy] said...

I'm with Donna, my Haikus bite. You'll have to remind me the rules of Haiku construction too :)

WickedLilPixie said...

Thanks for the incentive to buy wine, I always need an excuse!

Kris said...

Just found this site....LOVE IT!

Martha Lawson said...

Became a follower just now!! Found some new blogs to check out..
So far, I'm loving your blog.

mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

jeanette8042 said...

I love all the blogs you listed, they ahve awesome reviews all the time!

heidi87 said...

I just found this site today and I had a lot of fun reading and going over everything.
thank you I had a lot of fun...:)