Friday, October 30, 2009

VampBash: Catch that Vamp, Bite Club discusses!

Our guest blogger today is Diana Laurence, author of HOW TO CATCH AND KEEP A VAMPIRE, a tongue-in-cheek, step-by-step guide for mortal women who want to date vampires.    

Happy Halloween-een, everyone!  Yes, it’s the eve of Halloween, and a fine day to make a date with your vampire boyfriend for tomorrow night.  What?  You don’t have a vampire boyfriend?  Well then, clearly you need to dash out to your nearest bookstore and get yourself a copy of my brand new book, How to Catch and Keep a Vampire: A Step-By-Step Guide to Loving the Bad and the Beautiful.

Sure, it’s been featured in Glamour magazine and Publisher’s Weekly.  Sure, it was named the Internet Review of Book’s #3 Favorite Vampire Book, and chosen among the Top Five Vampire Guides by Chapters/Indigo, and called “adorable,” “brilliant” and “wonderful” by reviewers.  Sure, Target has picked it as a recommended read for January 2010.  But who cares what these mortals think?  All that matters is the vampires out there are eager for you to read it! 

And the immortals know that all you need to know about how to catch the vampire of your dreams is within this book.  Do you know what to wear to send the message that you’re a vampirophile looking for love?  Did you know you might meet your vampire at a Jiffy Lube?  Can you name the essential item to have in your house when you invite him over for a steak dinner?  (And what might happen if you misspell “steak” in your text to him?)

Get the book to learn all this and more--everything from how to spot vampires to how to balance your love for them with everyday life.  You’ll also meet my crew of charming, dangerously sexy vampire friends and learn their secrets.  And you’ll find out what I learned the hard way:  what comes from dabbling with the evil--albeit really attractive--undead!

My little Halloween-een Treat for you:  Enjoy the excerpt “Top Ten Vampire Pickup Lines” here:  And I hope you have a wonderful holiday full of thrillingly vampiric delights!

Diana’s Web site:
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Official book Web site:

Today's scavenger hunt will send you searching through four author's websites.  The following books are today's prizes:

HOW TO CATCH AND KEEP A VAMPIRE by Diana Laurence - See info above!

HAPPY HOUR AT CASA DRACULA - Marta AcostaHip, smart Milagro de Los Santos is minding her own business at a book party for Sebastian, the ex-boyfriend she's not quite over, when Oswald, a mysterious, handsome stranger approaches her. The chemistry between them is potent, but after they accidentally exchange blood during a powerful kiss, Milagro finds herself feeling strange. Suddenly Sebastian becomes interested in her again, though when he tries to abduct her it's clear he's more interested in her encounter with Oswald than in rekindling their romance. She's rescued by Oswald's cousin, Gabriel, who spirits her off to the family home, where Oswald, his prickly grandmother, Edna, and his other cousin, Sam, take her in for her protection. Although they are vampires, they insist on referring to their state as a "condition," and now they're worried Milagro might also be infected. Sebastian is part of a sinister group determined to investigate the vampires, and Milagro is realizing that her passion for the seductive Oswald is conquering her feelings for Sebastian. A fun, snappy read for romantic fantasy fans.

SHADOWFAE - Erica HayesImagine a secret world veiled in fairy glamour and brimming with unearthly delights. A city swarming with half-mad fairies, where thieving spriggans rob you blind, beautiful banshees mesmerize you with their song, and big green trolls bust heads at nightclubs. And once you’re in, there’s no escape…

FROM THE DARK, HIS FORGOTTEN FOREVER, and THE DEVIL TO PAY - by Michele Hauf (1 book each to 3 different winners)  These books are all from the Bewitching The Dark series and feature vampire heroes and witch heroines, as the war between the two forces escalates.

Today's questions are:

1)  Which handsome and sexy vampire from Diana Laurence's, HOW TO CATCH AND KEEP A VAMPIRE is pictured on the book page?  Please visit Diana's site!

2)  Name a character from Marta Acosta's CASA DRACULA series, besides the main character.  Please visit Marta's website!

3)  What's the name of the dead guy Jade finds in chapter one of Erica Hayes' SHADOWFAE?  Please visit Erica's website!

4)  What is the title of Michele Hauf's 1st vampire romance released in the 90s?  Please visit Michele's website!

Please send all 4 answers to with VAMPBASH DAY 6 in the subject header.  (Do not leave answers in comments).  You can enter until 11:00 pm central tonight.  Winners will be announced tomorrow!

Bite Club is chatting about it's first book club selection today!  Have you been reading THE MAMMOTH BOOK OF VAMPIRE ROMANCE 2?  Are you a Bite Club minion?  Stop by the blog and check out the conversation.  And then pick up our November selection, Susan Sizemore's DARK STRANGER.  First rule of Bite Club?  Tell everyone about Bite Club!  Second rule of Bite Club?  Don't bleed on the freakin' carpet.

{Why is that paragraphed highlighted in red?  I have no freakin' idea.  It just...happened.  And I'll be darned if I could figure out how to make it not-red.  Sigh...}

We have a special additional prize today, donated by Arlene Russo, the editor of the gorgeous vampire magazine Bite Me.  The magazine is on hiatus right now, and the editor is considering making it an online mag.  Arlene is donating two copies of the last issue (collector's items!) along with Bite Me magazine swag.  To qualify to win, simply leave a comment below!

Have you had your fill of vampires this week?  No?  Of course not!  We love our vamps and can never get enough of them.  So why don't you check out THE ULTIMATE VAMPLIST.  It's a pet project of mine that I've had online since the mid-90s.  It is a HUGE list of vampire novels, arranged by various categories such as: Horror, Romance, Mystery, Sci/Fi, Manga, Young Adult, Non-Fiction, and more!  It's not an official bibliography but more a shopping list of sorts.  You think you've read a lot of vampire stories?  Check out the list to see how many more you need to add to your list!

I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to everyone who stopped in this week and participated in the VampBash, both authors and readers!  I'm so glad you like VampChix, and hope you'll continue to make it a part of your blog crawl.  All contests end tonight at 11:00 pm Central.  Tomorrow I will announce all the winners!  (But give me some time; there were a lot of entries for the scavenger hunts.)

Hope you all have a creepy, ooky Halloween!


Taliesin_ttlg said...

Michele, my thanks - as both a contributor abd reader - to you for beinging us the event, it has been a lot of fun.

Taliesin_ttlg said...

Of course, that should have read "and reader" as well as
"bringing us" - early morning fingers not good at keyboard hiting!

makeart said...

Thank you Michelle! It's been a great week and I've found a lot of books to add to my list!! :-)


Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...

I've been lovin' you blog this week! Lots of fun contests and a couple more inches added to my TBR pile!

Sweet Vernal Zephyr said...
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Kris said...

Well I've checked out the vamplist alot already...very resourceful too!

Awesome prizes for today too! Gotta get to work on the scavenger hunt for today!

Jen said...

Thanks for all your hard work this week. I learned about new authors and the scavenger hunts were really fun.


Judy said...

I have really enjoyed blogging with everyone with the VampBash. I have learned alot and read some great excerpts, found new vampire authors and books. My to read list is slap up to the ceiling :)

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Meljprincess said...

Thanks, Michele! Happy Halloween!
I'm a magazine collector and would love to have a copy of BITE ME.

I've been visiting your Vamplist for years!

Meljprincess AT aol DOT com

RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Diana Laurence's book sounds like a fun read. Thanks for the great post & all the links.
Happy Halloween!
All the best,

joder said...

I've had alot of fun this week and will continue to visit. And imho you can never have too much vamp materials.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Witchy Woman said...

Hi Diana,
This book is a "must" read for me, "How to Catch and Keep a Vampire" sounds too funny. I read your vampire pick-up lines, and I'm going to have to disagree with you. I would love for a sexy vamp to tell me, "I see your my type O-positive." To be followed with a wink, and a cocky half-smirk.

Thanks for all your hard work putting this Vamp Bash together for your reader; it is very much "appreciated."

Happy Halloween to all!

Witchy Woman said...

Oops...I meant for your "readers." How silly of me to type reader, and think you did this all for me. (LOL)

Crystal Adkins said...

Why have I never heard of this magazine? I would love to win a copy and check it out!

Moonsanity said...

*snicker* I think 1 and 6 are my favorite of the pick-up lines!

I just wanted to say thank you for such a cool contest. I've had a blast!

Michele Hauf said...

I have been able to find the Bite Me magazine in Borders store, usually. But it's been a while since this most recent issue was pubbed, so probably you won't find it out there at all now. To bad, because it's a gorgeous magazine. And it is a UK mag, so that makes it more difficult to find in the US.

jeanette8042 said...

Thanks for all the contests!!

carrie said...

Thanks for a great week of scavenger hunts it has been a blast. This is a pretty cool blog site full of info. Good luck on the BITE CLUB

throuthehaze said...

The scavenger hunts have been fun. Thanks!


heidi87 said...

Thank you and keep doing what you do. I really enjoyed this site. I had a lot of fun reading all the blogs. I will be following each week. Thanks again.

Linda Henderson said...

It's been a great week. Thanks for all your effort to make this a great event.

Jeanette J said...

It's been a fang-tastic week. Thank you for having us and Happy Halloween to everyone.

jennifer said...

Thank for having all the contest,it's been alot of fun

Anonymous said...

did you just come into some From the Dark's Michele? I seem to remember asking you if you had any, and you said no...