Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dating dead guys

Do you love Christopher Moore's Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck?  You know his next in the series is called Bite Me—due out March 2010—and he's got the first two chapters posted at his blog.  Much wacky bloodshed ensues!

Stephen King is back to vamps with his planned American Vampire comic book series.

"Vertigo announces that"American Vampires" launches in March of 2010. Based on a character from  "Voodoo Heart", a short story collection by the comic's co-writer Scott Synder, King will be penning one story while Snyder pens the other in dual story arcs currently slated to run simultaneously for five month issues.
Bringing the vampire legend from the creepy castles of Eastern Europe into the dusty deserts of the American Old west, King's part of the story revolves around the origins of Skinner Sweet, a sociopathic outlaw in the Wild West who becomes the first American vampire. Unlike European vamps, Skinner is powered by the sun and, true to his native environment, has rattlesnake fangs. Snyder's companion story tells of Skinner's first descendant, Pearl, an aspiring starlet in glamorous and decadent 1920s Hollywood who gets turned into a vampire by Skinner. Starting in March, Vertigo will release five monthly double-issues, 16 pages of Pearl’s story penned by Snyder and 16 pages of Skinner’s story penned by King, with Rafael Albuquerque doing the artwork. Issue six will pick up with a new cycle set in the 1930s and penned by Snyder."

The new web-series DEAD & LONELY is what happens when you meet your one true love in an online dating website, but he isn't quite...alive.

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elnice said...

I am a Christopher Moore fan. I will be watching for his new series!

Anna said...

I can't wait for American Vampire! I had heard that Stephen King was doing a comic but I didn't know when. I might have to preorder that!