Friday, November 13, 2009

Guest: Meredith Woerner

Welcome Meredith Woerner to VampChix today!  She's just come out with the VAMPIRE TAXONOMY to ensure we all know how to identify our fine-fanged friends and not-so-friends.  

Meredith started her search for vampires while pulling night shifts as a "copy kid" at the New York Post. Combining her supernatural know-how with a pulp pop awareness, she now writes daily about all the things that go bump in the night at Gawker's sci-fi blog,

One lucky commenter will win a copy of Vampire Taxonomy; winner will be announced on Sunday.

Ah, let's see how to not start this post with the cliche "ever since I was a little kid" line, but darn it that's the things about vampires. They've been around forever, not only are the characters immortal but so are the stories they inhabit.

While my sister was getting dressed up in princess tutu's I was folding back the mask on my batman cape and swooping about like a giant vampire bat making *poof* noises like I'd just transformed. The largest scolding I ever received was when I was busted mixing up paint and glue potions in the basement recreating Grandpa Munsters lab, leather gloves intact. I later learned of vampire cowboy renegades, "Lost Boys" and, of course, the Whedondverse. And what can I say, I got the hunger.

Vampires, be them villainous and heroic, are a dependable monster that isn't going anywhere. It's a Supernatural/Fantasy/Scifi world right now you can not deny it. With comic book characters flooding the box office, demons on our TVs and genre tales stacking up in the book stores, how could this not herald the return of one of the best creatures in the supernatural realm? Just this Wednesday Gavin Rossdale slipped on a pair of fangs for CBS, Criminal Minds. They are everywhere. 

I've seen:

Vampire Crochet Dolls

Vampire Jewelry

Vampires on The Cover of Playboy

Vampire Sex Toys

And a whole lot more. Even the fair weather fangers are getting caught up in the hype. It's a great time to be "out of the coffin," as the True Blooders would put it. And the present vampire glut has compelled me to put out a guidebook, Vampire Taxonomy. Because with all this fame, we need to make sure people know what they are really dealing with.

Vampire Taxonomy: Identifying And Interacting With The Modern-Day Bloodsucker basically maps out the types of vampire based on personality traits, physical features and habitual actions (among other things). I wanted to compile a fun and engaging look into the real world of vampires using pop culture as a spring board.

Think of it as a How-To Guide for vampires. Using popular culture as our teacher, the book is stocked with lists, instructions and tips for sorting out who's who in the vampire world. And how to deal with their real life counter parts.

I think it's important to get the word out to the folks reading Vampire Diaries and let them know that, repeat, reborn lovers were a common theme among vampires. Long before Stefan was fawning over his reincarnation Katherine in her new Elena form, George Hamilton was using the "you have an old soul" line on Cindy Sondheim (the second reincarnation of Mina Harker). Amy from Fright Night knows what I'm talking about, and plenty of vampire lovers before them can concur. So if you find yourself in the embrace of an undead beloved and they slip up on names, time to start checking the stack of old oil paintings tucked away in the attic.

Hopefully Vampire Taxonomy will encourage not only safe vampire interaction but inspire those new vampire fans to check out other fangophile favorites and meet characters like Cassidy from Preacher, Logan Griffen from Moonlight and Nick Knight. Recently just spoke with John Cusack at  about bringing this comic to life, and he seemed pretty interested.

It's a slippery slope loving vampires but you have to admit, once you've seen Near Dark's Severen dance his spurs across a bartenders throat, how could you fall for any other supernatural creature of the night? Plus it's only going to get better with movies like Daybreakers on the rise, we're about to see a whole new class of vampires take the stage.

I'm curious as vampire fans yourselves what vampire would you most like to reintroduce the world to? Who is your favorite repeat dater? And what new up and coming vampire book, comic, tv series of film are you most excited to see?



Silvia said...

Hey Meredith, I would like to re-introduce good old Count Vlad. Pretty much everybody heard of him but I don’t think he’s fully appreciated for the fabulous vamp he really is. I talked to a friend about my love for him and I got a: oh yeah did you see that film with Leslie Nielsen??? Yes I did and it made me wanna pull my hair out and scream. The insult, unbelievable!
I’m looking forward to all things vampire, yes I have a serious addiction. But right now I’m getting pshyched over New Moon (the movie). I’m hoping it’s a lot better than Twilight. Cause those special effects made me lift my brow in a you’ve-got-to-be-kidding–me fashion.

heidi87 said...

I always loved Lestat,from anne Rice. The characters from her books were always my first love. don't get me wrong there are many others, like Bones and CAt, Riley and Quinn.
I love to read,so I guess I'm looking forward to the new Cat and Bones book due out next yr. I have all the rest of the books I wanted to read for now.
Thanks I enjoyed your interview. I look forward to getting your book. It sounds great. I love vamps very much and the stories behind them.


Anna Dougherty said...

I'm anxiously awaiting American Vampire by Stephen King. I love a good comic and so a vampire comic, written by the master of horror, is just what I need. Daybreakers might be good- I hesitate only because vampire movies are really good or really bad, not a whole lot in between.

What we really need is another good vampire tv series. True Blood is great but only on cable so I'd like to see a show available on regular networks. The Vampire Diaries doesn't count- the show could have been so much better than it is. Maybe a show that isn't geared for the young adult crowd.

I'd also like to see a vampire cartoon- a good g rated Saturday morning cartoon, like Bunnicula. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

While I always had a thing for vamps, before I even started reading books, I find that Lestat is my number one. He's got this old fashioned vibe that I just can't look past.
I'm looking forward to the release of True Blood's third season, and anxiously waiting for Charlaine Harris to announce the 'making' of another Sookie Stackhouse novel =)
In the mean time, I'll keep reading and watching anything on vampires I can get my hand on!

This sounds like a great book. I just read something like it, and it was pretty interesting.

M said...

Thanks guys! Glad to be a part of the site for the day. Yes to the new really great vampire TV series. I've got my fingers crossed that the US Being Human is as good as the BBC version. But where will the set it?


Teonda Tollison said...

I can't wait to get my hands on this book, adding to my list now.

Linda Henderson said...

I'm anxiously waiting to see what Johnny Depp does with Barnabas from the old Dark Shadows series. It should be interesting. Also I am going to have to read the Twilite series. My daughter says the books are better than the first movie was. She is kind of up in the air about whether to pay all that money to go see the new one or wait for the DVD. I haven't seen the first one yet. She said since I hadn't read the book I might enjoy it more. I would love to win your book.

Zahir Blue said...

What I would most love to see is a top-quality, big-budget adaptation of LeFanu's Carmilla, preferably capturing the mood of the original.

Perhaps the vampire films I'm most looking forward to are the English-language adaptation of Let The Right One In and Johnny Depp's spin as Barnabas Collins.

Andrea said...

I love all things vampire and am anxiously awaiting Adrian Phoenix's next book, Beneath the Skin.