Thursday, December 10, 2009

Guest: Bonnie Vanak

Please welcome Bonnie Vanak to VampChix today.  She has a novella in the new release HOLIDAY WITH A VAMPIRE III from Silhouette Nocturne.  And who doesn't want a vampire for Christmas?

How about a vampire for Christmas?
            Vampires are pretty cool. They’re powerful, ancient, they like the night life and there’s something about the sensuality of nuzzling a slender neck, warm breath feathering over cool skin, before sharp fangs pierce…
            Better than homemade Christmas cookies. Would you spend your holidays with a vampire?
            I’ve never imagined Christmas with a vampire until this year when I was asked to participate in Nocturne’s annual Holiday with a Vampire anthology with Linda Winstead Jones and Lisa Childs.
I’ve written three werewolf books for Silhouette’s Nocturne line. My Draicon werewolves usually don’t interact with vampires, until the Holiday with a Vampire III anthology was released this month. My story, Unwrapped, features a Draicon werewolf on the run from her enemies and the embittered vampire who needs her to regain his honor and return to his clan.
            When I first created Adrian, the vampire who lives alone but for his six green gremlin friends, I envisioned a powerful, scarred vampire shunned by his clan and all his kind. Adrian is intense, lonely, and a formidable enemy. When Sarah, the Draicon werewolf he’s secretly loved, is given to him as a gift by his gremlin friends, Adrian realizes here is the means to ending his isolation. Sarah will lead him to the enemy that nearly defeated him. Once he kills them, he will regain his honor and return to his clan.
            What he doesn’t count on are the old feelings he still harbors for her, and the equal intensity of feelings Sarah has for Adrian. Yet vampires and werewolves are forbidden to interact with each other.
            The illicit feelings Sarah and Adrian harbor for each other break the rules of their different worlds.  Adrian is destined to rule an ancient, powerful vampire clan. No way can he have Sarah in his life. Yet he cannot resist the pull of the lovely werewolf, as is seen in this excerpt from Unwrapped.

copyright 2009 by Bonnie Vanak

The delicate blue vein in her throat throbbed with life. Just as he’d always done in the past, he fought the ferocious urge to take her blood. Instead, he stroked her throat, marveling at the feel of satin skin beneath his caressing fingertips.

Blood pulsed just beneath smooth flesh, calling to him in a siren song. He hadn’t been near a woman in years, not even to feed. Adrian didn’t trust the darkness inside him. His private blood bank took care of his needs.

Clenching his fists, he stared at her lying beneath him. He envisioned Sarah naked, her long legs open, her body sultry and inviting. Flat on her back, the perfect position to sink his fangs, and his body, into her. The strong sexual pull he’d always experienced around her, and never fulfilled, roared to unwelcome life.

Sarah was forbidden. He’d hungered for her, would have given her the world, but destiny promised her to another of her kind. Adrian had honored her chastity, guarding it from all, even himself. He had never even kissed her.

He could not help himself now. His fangs lengthened, echoing the raw desire pooling much lower. Adrian leaned down, and brushed his mouth against hers. Warm, wet lips moved beneath his. She tasted as delicious as he’d imagined…

So if you like vampires, and you’re looking for something different during this month of merry making, why not try a Holiday with a Vampire?  Take a sexy vampire home for holiday season. He’s a gift that will last long, long after the tinsel is faded and the tree is taken down.


RKCharron said...

Hi :)
Thank you for the post Bonnie. I enjoyed learning about the backstory to your writing and the excellent excerpt.
Happy Holidays,

Ida Brugler said...

Goodmorning Bonnie, Michele
Bonnie, i loved Unwrapped! Sarah, Adrian and the gremlins oh the gremlins. wonderful story!
Thanks, Ida

Anna Dougherty said...

I've been looking for this! It seems that my area has a severely limited amount of Silhouette Nocturnes because I can never find them in stores. Unwrapped sounds great!

Ida Brugler said...

Anna, My area stores are the same. I had to order it on line.