Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just surfing Amazon to do some VampList updates and I noticed two vamp romances pubbed on November 23rd that have something in common.  Bloodline is an Authorhouse Publication and Destiny Love is Trafford Publishing (both are self-pubbed).  Ah, the misfortunes of using iStock photos.  And the fonts are quite similar as well.  Do we want to wonder what both authors are thinking right now?  ;-)

[I have no idea if the covers came from iStock.]


Witchy Woman said...

I wrote a post on my private blog regarding this same dilemma, I called the post "Double Vision."
You have no idea how many I've come across, different authors, same cover.
I'll send you an invite to read my post.

Anna Dougherty said...

This seems to be an ever growing trend- both the self pub concept and the identical cover art. Wonder why nobody bothers to research cover ideas before they settle on one? Makes me feel sad for them- Flyboy (aka my husband) says I'm a bleeding heart sometimes. And being a reader, not writer, I can't figure the self pub market either. I've read on other blogs that it can be a total sinking ship, while others say its the next great way to discover an author. The more I read about this business the more I think its really tough to be an author and I have a healthy respect for those that succeed. Glad I'm just a reader:)