Friday, December 18, 2009

Movie Quotes: Underworld (2003)

The Underworld franchise is on my all time favorite list. If I could be a vampire I'd want to be like Selene- tough, smart, and gorgeous. I won't claim to watch the movie for dialogue because the film is definitely about the action, but some lines are powerful and worth mentioning. A few even bring a touch of humor. If nothing else they might make you want to watch the movie again.

I am a Death Dealer, sworn to destroy those known as the Lycans. Our war has waged for centuries, unseen by human eyes. But all that is about to change.

Lycans are allergic to silver. We have to get the bullets out quickly, or they end up dying on us during questioning.
Michael Corvin:What happens to them afterward?
We put the bullets back in.

Kraven: Is there another way out?
Lucian: I guess it never occurred to you that you might actually have to bleed to pull off this little coup.

Selene: (voiceover)Though I cannot predict the future, the consequences of this night will reverberate through the halls of both great covens for many years to come. Two vampire elders have been slain, one by my own hand. Soon, Marcus will take the throne, and a tide of anger and retribution will spill out into the night. Differences will be set aside. Allegiances will be made. And soon, I will become the hunted.


Elie said...

What a great movie. It is one of those movies that gets better every time you watch it.

Book Whisperer said...

I love this movie... My favorite. My husband bought me the trilogy for my birthday.

WickedLilPixie said...

I haven't seen it, but I met Scott Speedman a few years back. Such a wonderful guy, he walked me home! I couldn't speak, just kinda stared! lol

Michele Hauf said...

I love the Underworld series. Michael Sheen! But I can never remember quotes from movies, no matter how many times I watch them. I just know Lucien rocks. ;-)

Anna Dougherty said...

I don't have the best memory when it comes to names and quotes so I just watch the movie, take notes, and then look it up to make sure I have it right. It's a lot of fun actually.