Saturday, December 12, 2009


 THE DARK HUNTERS: Vol. 1, is a manga book with story by Sherrilyn Kenyon and art by Claudia Campos.
I've been hoping to find someone who reads a lot of manga to do a post here at VampChix, but no luck so far.  I like to offer a variety of book genres within the vamp genre, so we can all discover something new.  So when I ventured into the new-and-improved manga section in my local Borders the other day, I browsed and decided I'd check out this book.

I'm a manga noob (or better, a newb, since I am willing to learn).  I've glanced through a few books before, but I don't read them regularly or know too much about the genre, other than I love most of the artwork and I used to be a comic-book freak when I was a kid.  Donald Duck so did it for me.  But I digress.

It took me a bit to figure out how to actually read this book.  Newb, remember?  I knew that you read it backwards, but didn't pick up that you actually read each page from right to left until I was a few pages in.  If I would have noticed the handy-dandy directions in the back (front) of the book that would have saved me the embarrassment, but it's all good now.  I have successfully completed my first manga!

And I loved it.  Just so you know, I have only read Kenyon's FANTASY LOVER years ago.  So I'm unfamiliar with her Dark Hunters world.  Sure, I pick up books in the series all the time then stack them on my TBR pile.  I don't read them because as someone who writes vampires herself, I don't read a lot in the genre because there's always that fear of picking up someone else's world ideas.  It's not a huge fear, I just don't read vamps when writing them.

So my introduction to Kenyon's world was awesome.  Kyrian, the hero, is a badass, brooding, tortured, alpha hunter.  He's vampire, but he doesn't drink mortal blood (only the bad vamps do that).  The heroine, Amanda, is a not-so-innocent accountant who happens to have a sisters who are involved in the paranormal world; Amanda is the only one not at all interested in that woo-woo stuff—until she meets Hunter (Kyrian).  They are bound together—literally, with handcuffs—against their wills, and have to learn to work with each other to survive.  There's a lot of worldbuilding and flashbacks to show the hero's past and how all the various creatures in the series exist and what their powers are.  That's all cool.  I didn't feel as though it bogged the story down because there was enough action to balance it out.  There was a touch of romance as well, which is very necessary, I think, in any action story (The Terminator would not have been as successful without the romance; seriously.).  The artwork is amazing, and it matches the attitude of the immortal, kick-ass story very well.  No soft lines, all hard, precise details, just like the characters.

The only thing that bugged me was the cliff-hanger ending!  But then, I wondered, perhaps this is how it is with a manga series?  Does the story simply continue from book to book?  Someone will have to clue me in on that one.  But it definitely succeeded in making me want #2 in the series.

This series is rated 13+ for age, and I agree, some content goes beyond sweet romance, but stays far from 'explicit' territory.  It's a quick read, but you'll find yourself lingering over the artwork and then putting it on your 'keeper' shelf when you've finished.


Ida Brugler said...

I do not have these but have the Dark-Hunter seires and the League seires. each book is about i guess you could say a couple getting together. some are gods, weres, or dark hunters. GREAT BOOKS My fav. is ACHERON!
Thanks, Ida

Anna Dougherty said...

I've always been a fan of the Dark Hunter world and so I picked this up when it first came out. It's really cool and I enjoyed the new format. Well, it was new for me. I'm hoping to get the others as they come out.

Derek Tatum said...
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Derek Tatum said...

Weirdly enough, the only person I know who would be qualified to review manga is... Sherrilyn Kenyon. Needless to say, I doubt she would be an objective judge ;)

It is to my knowledge that there are plans to continue the series, so I think the cliffhanger is part of the format. I'm like you, I've never really delved into the manga scene, but there are some vampire manga that I have enjoyed.

Michele Hauf said...

I've also got Vampire Hunter D waiting to be read. I loved the movie! So maybe this is my 'manga month'. :-)

Derek Tatum said...

What I found surprising is that the "Vampire Hunter D" manga is fairly recent. It was a book series first, then adapted to film, and now there is a manga...

I also enjoyed the "Hellsing" manga that I read. The idea there is that somehow the Van Helsing family found a way to control Dracula and make him fight for them. I haven't caught up to date with it but it is fun stuff.