Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vamp Bites

Online vampire romance comic ABANDON: FIRST VAMPIRE, created by Greg Carter and Elliot Dombo is a great way to get your vamp fix is quick bits.

Volume 1: Born in Blood details...
Lamashtu, Sumerian demon and the First Vampire, has hidden herself behind many lives. Currently she is Laila McCarthy, Professor of Ancient Cultures. On a military-led artifact recovery mission she faces the forces of an old enemy. Studying the relics with a handsome agent of the Bureau of Evil Elimination brings her ever closer to danger.

Episode 2 of the BLEEDER series is now available online.

Out in May, BLOOD OATH is being compared to Jack Bauer with fangs.  I used to have the blurb, but lost it when I lost all my files.  Will look about the Internets for it.

You can still enter the contest to win a copy of Noogies in the post below.  I'm loving reading what everyone has to say about their worst Xmas gifts!

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