Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winners of Ultimate VampList Contest - and a Note

This contest asked readers to send in a title I did not list on the VampList.  You all sent in some great titles! Thanks!  But there could be only three winners, so the following people please email me your snailmail addresses and I'll get your prize out to you.  Congrats!

Winner of VAMPIRES by Joules Taylor is Gail Stambor

Winner of the vampire chap book is Witchy Woman

Winner of Tayna Huff's Blood Price is Dot Salvagin

Now the note is this: I use Gmail and Entourage for email, and yesterday I managed to toss out my whole VampChix folder of emails that had all the important contact info and guests, and others who had wanted to write articles.  Aggh!  (Why don't they ask twice if you REALLY want to delete the WHOLE folder?  I just wasn't paying attention.)  No way to recover it, either.  I have a calendar so I know who the guests are.  And I think I have all the articles guests have sent me to date.  But if you have been waiting to hear from me regarding a guest spot or post, please email me, because I don't have the info anymore!

1 comment:

Witchy Woman said...

Yay! Thanks Michele, can't wait to receive the vampy book. :)
Congrats to Gail & Dot, those are great prizes as well.