Saturday, January 30, 2010

And the winners are...

The winner of Gerry Bartlett's books in the Glory St. Claire series is...

...Jo-Anne Kenrick!

And a reminder that JESS is the winner of Jabril from D.B. Reynolds.

Ladies, please email with your snailmail address and I will forward to the authors!  Thanks, and congrats!

Reminder: Winners must return to VampChix blog to see if they have won.  VampChix makes every point of trying to contact winners.  We click on your profile.  Do you know how many people do not list their email address?  We look to see if you have a blog.  Do you know how many people do not list their contact info on their blog?  Just sayin'   It's not easy tracking down winners, so please, if you post a comment and hope to win do stop back in within two or three days to see if you did win.  Thanks!

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