Monday, January 25, 2010

Guest: D.B. Reynolds

Please welcome D.B. Reynolds to VampChix today.  She currently writes the Vampires in America series.  One lucky commenter will win a copy of Jabril, so give D.B. some love in the comments and be sure to check out her website!

Why Vampires?

Why vampires?  I get asked that question a lot – mostly by people who have no idea how wonderful vampires are!!!  So what turned me on to vampires?  I’ve been pondering that question this week, trying to think back to lo those many years ago and identify the very first vampire book I read or movie I saw.  That’s a tough question, because over the years since then I’ve read so, so many books.  I’ve also seen probably every vampire movie out there, some good, some … well … you know.

When I was in high school and into my twenties, I was totally into science fiction and fantasy books.  Mostly science fiction to be honest.  I’ve always been a voracious reader, making the trek to the library (or getting a ride from my mom or dad) every week to pick up a new stack of books.  I was one of those children the librarians love to see walk through the doors.  This was back in the day, and in a small enough town, that the librarian actually knew who I was when I walked through those doors!  But science fiction was my thing.  Until I came across Anne Rice’s wonderful book, Interview With a Vampire.

What a revelation that was!  No more Victorian, broody vampires, wearing long capes and top hats and seducing willowy young maidens in their beds.  No. This was NOW.  Granted Lestat had been around a good few years by the time he was interviewed, but the true revelation, the pathbreaking aspect of Rice’s book . . . for me, anyway … was that it was contemporary.  The idea that vampires had existed and lived among us for hundreds of years.

And such a vampire!  Sexy and sultry and irresistibly seductive. 

And then came Laurell K. Hamilton, whose early books were pathbreaking in their own way, and another total discovery for me.  I loved those books, loved the idea of Jean Claude and his vampires living in downtown St. Louis, of all places!

By then, of course, I was totally hooked and couldn’t get enough of it.  I sought out books and movies, old and new.  I never liked the so-called classic films, like Werner Herzog’s remake of Nosferatu with Klaus Kinski as a skeletal, buck toothed and waxy pale vamp with long fingernails.  Ugh.  What woman would ever be seduced by that?  I mean, really.

Give me Frank Langella’s 1979 Dracula any day.  Gorgeous and sophisticated, smooth and sexy.  Oh, yeah.  He can seduce me anytime. 

And I loved the evolution to Wesley Snipes’ warrior vamp, with muscles and fangs and a take no prisoners attitude.  Not to mention the third Blade movie, which was, um, not that good.  But it did feature a shirtless Ryan Reynolds, which is always a good thing.  That scene when the half-naked Reynolds is chained to the floor, flexing those gorgeous muscles … well, it still takes my breath away.  ::sigh::   

Back to books, I love what Charlaine Harris, Susan Sizemore, Kresley Cole, J. R.Ward and Lynn Viehl have done with the vampire genre.  And I especially love the urban fantasy that’s been spun lately, featuring vampires in a whole new light, like Adrian Phoenix’s fantastic Maker’s Song series with the delicious and oh so damaged Dante Baptiste.

And then there’s my own beautiful vampires.  Raphael, Duncan and my newest vampire, Rajmund, whose book will be out later this year.  I wanted my vampires to have all the seductiveness and beauty I admire, but I still wanted them to be vampires.  Every author makes her own choices, but I’ve been dismayed by the trend toward vampires who are just sensitive guys who happen to drink blood.  I wanted my vampires to be combative and territorial and vicious.  Yes, I wanted them beautiful.  But I wanted them to be VAMPIRES, not long-suffering martyrs searching for a tender-hearted woman!

So my Raphael is gorgeous and seductive, but he’s also ruthless when it comes to enforcing his domain.  If you cross him, if you betray him, you do so at your peril – your mortal peril.  And if you endanger Cynthia, the love of his very long life, there is no end to the pain he will inflict on you before you die.  Not that Cyn needs protecting, mind you.  She’s just as protective of Raphael, as he is of her, and just as capable of seeking vengeance.  I like my heroines to kick butt right alongside their vamp lovers!

So, why do I write vampires?  Because I love them.  Because they’re the ultimate bad boys (and girls) and the possibilities are endless.

While you’re here, let me know what you think.  Why do you read vamp fiction?  I’ll be giving away a copy of my latest Vampires in America book, JABRIL.  The winner will be drawn at random from those who comment on this post. 

And after that, please visit me at my blog …   where I run regular contests and keep my readers up to date on my writing progress and future publications.  There are blurbs for all of my books, plus every once in a while, I post a Vampire Vignette – little slices of life with my vamps. 

Thanks for stopping by!

D. B. Reynolds is the author of the best-selling Vampires in America series and a member of the Romance Writers of America, as well as the Academy of Television Arts and Science and Motion Picture Sound Editors.  Her books have been called “smart, suspenseful and sexy” (Kelley Armstrong, NYT best selling author of the Otherworld series) and “a fast-paced story full of dark power and rough primal action” (Adrian Phoenix, A Rush of Wings.)  JABRIL received 4 ½ Stars and a Top Choice pick from RT Book Reviews (January 2010), saying, “it doesn't get much better than this second installment in the Vampires in America series. Readers will have a tough time closing the book on this riveting story,” while RAPHAEL was given a 4 Tombstone rating at


Angela Addams said...

I have to agree about Blade 3 - Ryan R is the best thing happening there...but not when he is speaking, only when he is

I agree with your take on vampires and what drew you to them is the same thing that continues to draw me to them. Your books in particular manage to capture the heat and the romance in perfect balance.

Dot S. said...

5 stars!!!! That's my rating for both RAPHAEL and JABRIL. I have read both and cannot wait for RAJMUND.

I read vamp fiction because.....I love the seductive, sexy, dangerous aura surrounding vamps both male and female. I especially like the suspense and action of Urban Vampire Romance novels. It's all total escapism and D.B. Reynolds is a master of the tale.

Witchy Woman said...

D.B. I will say this, I haven't read your novels, yet. But, after reading your post and the way you convey your thoughts---I'm hooked. Must read your novels...soon. Let's see...why do I read vamps? They're so captivating! Who doesn't want a sensual undead sexy vamp as a partner, c'mon! The added bonus...a partner if thus asked or provoked has the ability to give you immortality, again, c'mon! Love them!

Jess said...

Love your reasons why!

Personally, I started with LJ Smith when I was a pre-teen. Vampires for me then were the perfect guy: dark and mysterious, able to be sentimental to perhaps one person, strong, and - so important then - much more mature than other guys that age (add a couple hundred years of experience). Now, it's pretty much the same reasons.

Stephanie G said...

I have read and own both Raphael and Jabril and cannot wait until Rajmund and Sarah's book.

I love to read vampire books because there is nothing else like them. Vampire's are top of the paranormal food chain so why settle for less?

susan said...

So many people do not give vampire books a chance. I didn't for a long time as I thought they were all evil and killers. I now can't get enough of the books. I am trying to make up for lost time. ha ha susan L.

D. B. Reynolds said...

Hi Everyone! I'm finally awake here on the West Coast. I work into the wee hours, so this is early morning for me!

Thank you, all of you, for stopping in to chat. I'm always a bit nervous when I do these guest stints, and it's nice to have old friends and new come by.


D. B. Reynolds said...

Angela and Dot, thank you so much for your continuing support! You love my vamps as much as I do!



Raven Corinn Carluk said...

Ryan Reynolds was the only good thing about Blade 3.

So, you certainly have a similar start to mine. I grew up reading Heinlein and McCaffrey, and switched over with Interview With The Vampire.

I even like vampires for the same reasons you do. Dark, dangerous, predatory, and so protective and possessive. I think that danger has been bleed out of most vampire books. (Pun fully intended) I mean, Louis mighty have been whiny and emotional, but he still had a killer inside.

D. B. Reynolds said...

Witchy Woman, I LOVE your moniker!! I figure everything I write deserves my best, from guest blogs to my books! I hope you'll give my Vampires a try. I love them, every one of them, and hope you will too!


D. B. Reynolds said...

Stephanie, I couldn't agree more! Vampires are the baddest of the bad boys and sexy as hell. And I do love me them bad boys!


D. B. Reynolds said...

Jess, I ALWAYS dated the older guys! I'm of the firm opinion that most men don't become fully human until after 40. Unless, of course, they happen to be Vampire, in which case, they only LOOK young! The best of all worlds!


D. B. Reynolds said...

Suan, Those people don't know what they're missing! I've made it my mission to gather them in and introduce them to the sexy wonder that is Vampire!

I hope you'll add my books to your "making up for lost time" list!


D.B.Reynolds said...

Raven, Ryan WAS the only good thing about Blade 3 ... but WHAT a good thing he was. ::sigh::

I think I've read everything McCaffrey has ever written. She's a wonderful writer. And, as for the killer inside every vamp, YES! I've done my best to make sure my vampires are true to the history of VAMPIRE!


Cathy M said...

You are so right, DB, vamps are the ultimate bad boys, and I need to thank LKH for introducing me to the genre. Their mental power, their looks (thank you for making yours beautiful), their command of those in their domain,and their sensuality make them pretty addictive to read about. Can't wait to read Rajmund.

Rain Maiden said...

For me it's that I love the bad boys, and Vampires are BAD BOYS! It seems that rules are always broken when around a vampire. Thanks for introducing D.B. Reynolds, I'll be checking out her stories.

Morning Glow from Novel Addiction said...

Hmm, why do I love vampires... well, I think I love them because they are often the epitome of alpha males. Oh sure, I think if I had a real alpha male around all the time, I might have to knock him down a few pegs, but I love the fact that vampires are territorial, strong, know what they want, and how to get it. Which is why I think you're definitely an author I want to check out!
Please enter me in your contest, I'd love a chance at the book!

Morning Glow
ohmorningglow AT aol DOT com

SandyG265 said...

Ive read vampire books since I was in junior high. I think vampires offer a safe way to experience a world with different values and rules than the real world.

I'd love a chance to win a copy of your book. Thanks for the contest.

Sarah said...

This is a new series for me but it sounds great so I'll definitely be checking it out! Thanks for the contest :o)

I've been reading vampire stories for so long I'm not really sure how I got started with them but they are the ultimate mysterious bad boys so I guess that's why I find them so irresistible LOL

D. B. Reynolds said...

Cathy, I'm dying to find out when RAJMUND will be released. I think my editor is getting tired of hearing from me. (GOOD, maybe they'll give me a date just to get me off her back!) :-P


D. B. Reynolds said...

Rain Maiden, Morning Glow, SandyG and Sarah, Thanks for stopping by. It's always good to know there are others out there who share my obsession!! LOL

You're all entered in the contest. (In the back of my head, I'm hearing that weird little lady from Poltergeist ... "All are welcome." That's just the way my brain works.)

Good luck with the drawing and if you don't win, I hope you'll check out the books anyway!


joder said...

Yes, Ryan Reynolds is the saving grace of Blade 3. Well, at least his abs are! LOL!

I'm fascinated by the sound of your books and how you've given them the right to be brutal when need be. They certainly aren't watered down.

I'm hoping I win and since it's my birthday maybe that will bring me extra luck.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Linda Henderson said...

I'm almost too embarrassed to admit I haven't read any of your books. I'm definitely interested in reading them now. I read vampire books for the mystery and incredible power they have.

D. B. Reynolds said...

joderjoHappy Birthday! Let's hope you get a great present.

And Linda, don't be embarrassed. There's a lot of books out there. But I'm glad you've discovered me at last!


donnas said...

Thanks for sharing. This is the first I have read of your series and I have to say I am definitely interested. I love vampire books of all types, the mystery and suspense and great characters that come out of them is amazing. I look forward to adding your books to my read list.

mariska said...

Why do you read vamp fiction?

because, they vamps are so 'cool' : ) i mean they are very sexy, have their own dark side, immortal, usually they are so gorgeous, with those mysterious eyes , Yum !

I'm so want to read your books D.B !

D. B. Reynolds said...

DonnaS and Mariska, thanks to both of you for coming by. I love your taste in books!! LOL


SusanKMann said...

I love Vampires. They are just the best.

I started out reading about them when I was about seven. My first and favourite one was Gruesome and bloodsocks, then moved onto Vlad the drac. Ah those were the days.

I do like my vampires to drink blood nowadays. The latter books so called "vegetarians" ;)

Excellent post DB. x

Rosie said...

I've been a fan of the vampire ever since I was a little girl sneaking into the living room to watch Dark Shadows. LOL. Once I found books with vamps, I never turned back. I haven't read your series yet, but am definitely looking forward to starting them!!! Thanks for stopping by.

D. B. Reynolds said...

Yeah, SusanK, like I said each writer makes her own choices, but vegetarian vamps just don't do it for me. :<

And Rosie Barnabus is one of the all-time great TV vamps. He was just so damn campy!!


Shauna Kemp said...

Wow, these sound great! I'm going to have to add them to my ever growing vampire wanna reads list. I do have to admit that I like BOTH kinds of vampires....the sweet and not so sweet. I started reading because of the sweet ones, but I think I've kept reading because of the more intriguing adventurous soulful ones. And it caught my eye that Kelley Armstrong was quoted on your books. I'm currently reading her Women of the Otherworld series and while they aren't all vampires in there, it is that kind of writing and supernatural/paranormal so...I'm going to pop on over to your blog and check out your books as well!

Shauna Kemp said...

Oh, and somehow I have not seen or heard of that scene (or even the movie for that matter) with Ryan Reynolds in Blade 3 until now! I will be upping that to #1 on my Netflix, thank you! He's one of my all time faves. I don't know how I missed this. :)

D. B. Reynolds said...

Oh, Shauna, this one's totally drool worthy!! LOL


Michelle said...

I don't think vampires will ever die. All puns intended. Seriously, who can resist a great vampire story? There's something so mysterious about them, so powerful.

My first love in horror was Dracula. I read the book probably three or four times.

Of course, I fell for Interview With A Vampire, and geez... so many others over the years. They're just stories that stick.