Monday, January 18, 2010

Guest: Emerian Rich

Unfortunately, my love of vampires started relatively late. Being the child of ministers, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who got to watch scary black and white movies and then spend the night under the covers in complete terror. On Halloween, if I was allowed to dress up at all, the required costume was a bible character or cowgirl. I don’t know about you, but for someone like me, who has always been interested in the dark and fantastical, brown burlap and straw hats just don’t cut it.

My first glimpse into the world of vampires was when one of my college classmates tossed me a copy of Feast of all Saints by Anne Rice. Not a vamp novel itself, my love of Feast led me to Anne’s Vampire Chronicles and I fell in love. At first, the idea of vampires did not appeal. How could I enjoy reading books about dead people who drank blood? The concept is a strange one on your first run, but as Anne’s words filled me with delight, so did the idea that immortality could transform even the dullest life into magic.

Years later, as I look back at all the vampire fiction I’ve read, there are moments that stick out like snapshots in my mind.

--When Claudia said, “I want some more.”

--My first glimpse of the baby vamp on the cover of Bloodchild by Andrew Neiderman.

--Reading the hot backstage happenings in Poppy Z. Brite’s Lost Souls.

--Lestat’s first peek at Those Who Must Be Kept.

--Learning of the magic key in House of Secrets by James A. Moore and Kevin Murphy .

Truly great vampire writing stays with us. It haunts us, bringing us back to another age, a fateful day, or an underground crypt. This is what I strive to bring to the readers of vampire fiction who, like myself, crave the creatures of the night.

Night’s Knights by Emerian Rich
Vampires on a quest for knowledge attempt to create the perfect offspring, but from the shadows an even more demonic evil threatens their immortality. Severina is an exotic beauty from the jungles of Brazil whose family is brutally murdered by the same man she later calls lover. Markham is a simple Irish immigrant striving for the American dream in 1860 when coach robbers cause his untimely death. Julien is a knight who serves as guardian angel to his family but has no clue about his predestined fate. Will a powerful mortal named Jespa be the one to save them all?

Night's Knights is Emerian's first print novel.  She is the hostess of and writes for the speculative fiction blog She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and son.
Find out more about Emerian at:

You can now read a free sample of Night’s Knights on Mobipocket!!



Kris said...

This look really good...I'll have to check out the free sample.

booklover0226 said...

Night's Knight sounds interesting.

I read Feast of All Saints many years ago and just loved it.

Tracey D

emzbox said...

Yes, please do check out the free sample! Great aspect of our new ebook world. :)

Feast of all Saints marked a turning point in my life. It pulled out my heart, mashed it up and put it back in. After, I wasn't sure if I'd been given a blessing or a curse! It was very emotional for me. I had always been concerned about those who are not treated equally in this world and I think that just opened my eyes even more.

Thanks for the comments! If anyone has any questions please feel free to post. I'll be checking in all day.

Kimberly Steele said...

My husband was raised the same way, Emerian! No dancing and the only TV show he was allowed to watch was Flipper reruns. For him, the "life-changer" was not a book, it was hearing a Black Sabbath album for the first time. Great feature, by the way. I like Ann Rice's The Witching Hour, but Stephen King's the Shining is the book that made me want to write horror. Whoops, we're supposed to be feuding (I forgot) Stay away from Kriss!! He's MINE!

emzbox said...

Lmao... Kim, Kim, Kim... not that I've forgiven you, but it's nice to know I wasn't the only one kept away from the scary stuff. I actually have never read a SK book. I know! Crazy. I've watched all the movies. I have Salem's Lot. I need to start reading it. Not that I care, because we are fighting, but who is your favorite vampire? Like... what inspired you to write Forever Fifteen?