Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guest: Lori Devoti

VampChix told you about Lori's free downloadable short story a few weeks ago.  Well, she's here today to talk about it.  If you haven't downloaded the story yet, what the heck are you waiting for?

A couple of years ago I got a call from my then editor at Silhouette Nocturne inviting me to be part of the Holiday with a Vampire II anthology. I was thrilled and I knew exactly what kind of vampire I wanted to write—dark and scary. He, being the hero, would of course be redeemable, but I wanted some scary moments when you (and the heroine) just weren’t quite sure how things were going to turn out. I was thinking caves, shredded clothing and a bit of madness.
Then he reminded me that this was a HOLIDAY tale. In other words dark, as fitting the Nocturne line, but not creepy dark.

Okay, had to make a slight change in direction.

Now as it turned out I loved my story, The Vampire who Stole Christmas, but it wasn’t scary. It was heartwarming.

So, when I decided that this year I would write some free stories both to repay readers who already search out my stuff and to hopefully lure new ones into trying my books, I knew my first story would be a vampire and it was going to have to be a little dark.

The story, LOST, is what I call an urban myth romance. It’s about a college student who goes for a drive in a cursed canyon with her sorority sisters.  The plan was to prove to the pledges that the more senior students could handle the place.

Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned.

The group is in an accident and the heroine of my story, Rachel Daniels, is the only one left mobile. She goes to find help, but what she finds is Cameron Renault, a vampire.  Cameron has come to the canyon looking for his brother, also a vampire, who has succumbed to the curse.

This story is about Cameron and Rachel and their journey out of the cursed canyon. I hope to write another story that continues where LOST ends, following Cameron’s brother and one of Rachel’s friends.  And I hope to write other vampire tales as well for both Nocturne and myself.

So, that’s what I have to offer the vampire genre, two stories...but don’t think I’m a total come lately to the vampire genre. The Vampire who Stole Christmas wasn’t my first vampire story. I started another one quite a few years ago, right when everyone (my agent included) was sure vampires were dead. (sigh, yeah, that’s right...dead)

And the free downloadable pdf of LOST is here:


jacabur1 said...

Thanks Michele and Lori this is what I needed today to top off a beautiful sunshiney Texas day and make it perfect. Let me just say Wow! Thanks for the short story download Lori, have printed my copy to re-read and keep. The prologue to Deadly Double gave me chills and when it comes out in release I am there!!
I usually steer clear of Silhouette books and am going to rethink that now that have gotten quite a few of Michele's and now really wanting some of Lori's, my book stack is growing growing growing!!!

Jackie B Central Texas

Sarah said...

I read this short story after you posted it a couple of weeks ago & really enjoyed it :o) Looking forward to reading more of Lori's books in the future!

Witchy Woman said...

Hi Lori,

I actually have Holiday with a Vampire II and loved reading Aimee and Drystan's story.Now, where have I been hiding? I hadn't heard about Lost, will download immediately. Thanks.