Saturday, January 16, 2010

Review: How To Date A Vampire by Sophie Collins

Book Description (from back cover):
With space to write about your own close encounters, plus style advice and beauty tips that are sure to slay him on sight, this is the only guide you'll ever need to spotting a vampire and knocking him (un)dead.

To vamp or not to vamp...that is the question. How To Date A Vampire, by Sophie Collins, guides you through the dating process in your search for eternal love. Providing practical details the book moves through the various angst filled stages of dating- comparing vampires to regular boys, analyzing the validity of the crush, attaining an official boyfriend status, maintaining coupledom, and even an exit strategy designed to provide an escape from your fangy friend with your life still intact.

Filled with an assortment seemingly whimsical quizzes you can determine what sort of vampire you'd best connect with (eco warrior, classy crush, nonstop hottie, or dark n' handsome). Vital vamp related facts keep you in the loop of fact or fiction, even delving into historical vampire figures. Also contains useful tips for fitting in with the undead crowd, choosing the right styles to prevent a fashion disaster, and where to hang out to attract the right sort of vamp. Aimed at the YA crowd, or those looking for a fun browse, this book could easily be used for more traditional dating methods. I would happily pass this along to my favorite tween!

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Reviewed by Anna Dougherty for VampChix


Sharli said...

Lol sounds like a laugh!I've actually never read anything like this but it tempts me lol. Love the cover too.

I found a book in my library that was about real dating tips and moves... It was extremely creepy! There was a whole chapter on facebook stalking 0.o

Aida Carmina A. Santos said...

Wow. I hope there is a true really existing vampire on our millenia..

It keeps me wondering how great to be wierd when it comes to romance :)