Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vampire B-Movie Bonanza

While browsing, I landed on a vampire movie at Amazon, one of dozens that you've probably never heard of because they went straight to video.  But, you know, I thought it would be fun to list a few here so you all can see what you were missing while standing in line to watch Edward brood over Bella or as you are anticipating DAYBREAKERS this weekend.  Don't those vampire nuns look hawt?  Praise the Lord!  :-)  

Sai, a new age, hip, young artist living in a downtown warehouse delves into an elusive fantasy world of the unknown. An enigmatic and handsome man seduces her to try an ancient drug that, unbeknownst to her, will make her the prey of a vampire from a dark dimension. He will take advantage of her newfound addiction and use it to cross over from his world into hers.

Andrea is just an ordinary Goth college girl trying to deal with the tragedies life has thrown at her. When her best friend, Brandy, comes back into her life, Andrea thinks things might finally be taking a turn for the better. 
But when the machinations of a mysterious woman, Carmilla, cause a birthday gift to go horribly awry, Andrea is forced to make the most difficult choice of her life, not only for herself, but for her dearest friend.

Harry Balbo (Sean Patrick Flannery) a shy salesman witnesses a violent killing by a female vampire who rips the head off her victim. But when nobody believes the story Harry decides to track her down before she strikes again. Upon finding her he is seduced by her beauty and cannot kill her. Instead he captures and imprisons her in a cage in his cellar. Now a prisoner she must convince Harry to feed her or she will slowly die. Not wanting to kill her and not able to release her Harry is faced with an impossible choice - give in to her seductive powers or save innocent lives from a gruesome fate.

Richard Clarke (Jeff Rector), a wealthy businessman, is bitten by a beautiful vampire and plunged into the dark world of the supernatural. Richard quickly realizes that being undead isn't all that it's cracked up to be and must fight for survival when a militaristic team of Vampire Hunters discover his existence. Barely surviving, Richard's presence is brought to the attention of a savage underground gang of Vampires bent on survival at all costs. In this war for survival no one is taking any prisoners. Let the bloodbath begin!

Moore's Lake . . . a small town plagued by feral vampires. It's only chance for continued existence rests solely upon mere mortals and an all-powerful ghoul that has vowed to seek vengeance upon the town. Under such circumstances, can humanity survive? The Captain of the Moore's Lake Police Force has to make a choice - die a horrible death now and destroy the vampire threat for good, or die an even worse death after Earth has become a Vampire Nation!
[Bonus points if you can tell me what book the above cover art also appeared on.]

Jonathan Harker, a young lawyer, has been sent to the furthest reaches of Transylvania to help an old count with his move to the more populated Nilbog. Even with the warnings of evil that lurk the land given by its locals, young Harker ventures head high into the world of the vampire. The count now has everything he needs to make a new mark on the citizens of Nilbog, only Harker and an old doctor named VanHelsing can stop the bloody reign of Count Alucard.

For the first time, the story of these curvaceous latex clad vampires can be told in their own words and pictures as the queen nun Tiffany Tarantula, an uber blond she-wolf of the 'she who must be obeyed' variety, finally allows access to The Nuns' vault.

Now all is laid bare, from The Nuns earliest appearances in San Francisco's burgeoning punk scene, right through to their re-birth in New York's SM and Goth world, no d├ęcolletage or cleavage is left covered or coffin left unopened.

If you love The Nuns, vampires, Goth girls or just gothic nonsense spiced up with low life sluts, breasts, wannabe Nun groupies, submissive bankers, more breasts, and the occasional evolutionary outrage in human form then this DVD is for you. Praise the Lord.

Five strangers are abducted by a maniacal vampire and put into a deadly maze of wits and endurance. Should they make it through alive, the Vampire s fortune shall be bestowed upon them. But if they fail, the group will fall prey to his hunger and placed back in the game, this time as blood-thirsty slaves pursuing the next round of victims in The Vampire Conspiracy.

Everyone is dying to meet their beautiful new neighbor. But soon after the mysterious young widow moves into the quiet, little town of Wilton, people start to die in bizarre and gruesome ways. Following the trail of blood leads the local paper editor and town s physician towards the lovely, lusty Claire Amworth. Now the pair must find a way to rid the town of its most beloved resident.

Rebecca has inherited her grandmothers gothic mansion and brings both her best friend and her boyfriend for a weekend. While exploring the crypts they discover an old dusty book which describes the life of a vampire. As the story unfolds it becomes apparent that the vampire was Rebeccas grandfather.

Against riverfront London's sordid backdrop of seedy nightclubs, winding streets and dark alleyways, a modern-day Jack the Ripper stalks his prey…meanwhile, troubled, newly "turned" exotic dancer Ruby and her brooding vampire lover Vincent struggle to resist their overpowering addiction to the "drug" that both sustains and shatters them. BLOOD.


Raven Corinn Carluk said...

I already had a couple of those in my netflix queue. I've now added more.

And for those who don't mind reading subtitles, might I suggest Thirst. It's a Korean vampire movie with a few twists. It's awesome.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

Abe's Tomb shares an image with the book How to Be a Vampire by Amy Gray

and Mrs Amworth sahres the same image as the book Predatoress by Emma Gabor

wow the attack of stock images strikes again

what happened to using real "artists" I know Jeaniene Frost's books and yasmine Galenorm's books thankfull still use artists and not stock images

I guess stock image use is much cheaper

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I've seen the image for Bled on a book cover too just can't remember the title or author

speaking of stock images I found one of the guy used on my book cover and in my book video on a perfume box, too funny