Friday, January 1, 2010

Vampire Defense Kit, Forever Knight

Ladies, you think you want the sexy brooding vampire across the room to take you home with him tonight.  That could go well, or very badly.  Just in case, slip one of these in your purse...

Kit includes:
  • A deluxe laser etched carrying case (Tin)
  • Silver Crucifix pendent that acts as a small dagger
  • Vampire Repellent: A generous blend of Holy Water and Colloidal Silver
  • Mini Wooden stake
  • Micro UV Torch (pocket sunlight)
  • Removable Mirror
  • Illustrated Instruction booklet
For more details, or to order, click to the website.

If you're a Forever Knight fan, you can get each season now for $14.99 at Amazon.

1 comment:

booklover0226 said...

Oh, that is too cool! I should give it to a friend who has become a BIG vampire fan.

Tracey D