Monday, February 22, 2010

Guest: Terence Taylor

Guest, Terence Taylor spins the interview table about and chats with Tom O'Bedlam, a character from his newest novel, BLOOD PRESSURE.  Thanks to both Tom and Terence for appearing at VampChix today!

Blood Pressure Interview
Tom O’Bedlam cuts a striking figure in a dark blue tailored suit, slightly avante-garde in its style, his snow white hair cropped close on the side and long on the top, tumbling down over wide set crystal blue eyes that always seem to be looking somewhere else.  He holds the hand of a teenage girl by his side, a petite Eurasian with startling green eyes and the slightest trace of a smirk on her dark red lips. She wears a pearl choker and a 60’s style black cocktail dress, short, snug, with a black leather biker jacket thrown over it, festooned with silver Milagros, Mexican charms to ward off evil.  Her name is Claire St. Claire.  Tom holds her hand up high enough to delicately nibble at the tip of her pinkie finger as we talk.

Terence Taylor - Tom, Claire...I’m surprised to see you here alone.  I was expecting some of the other characters from my upcoming novel, Blood Pressure.

Claire St. Claire - They were unavoidably...detained.
Tom and Claire giggle at this.

TT - I see.  I trust not permanently.

Tom O’Bedlam - Oh, no, sir, of course not, most assuredly not.

CSC - We could never do anything without your permission, our lord and master.

TO’B - Pygmalion to our Galatea.

CSC - Frankenstein to our monster.
 This sets them off on a round of laughter.

TO’B - I’m sure you’ll see them soon.

TT - Yes...Let’s get on with the interview.  You are both vampires, and appeared in my first novel, Bite Marks.

TO’B - All too briefly.  Virtually a cameo.

TT - Albeit a critical one.

TO’B - Indeed, but we had to leave all too early.

CSC - Just when we were starting to have fun.

TT - You mean by planning to take over New York in 1937 and turn it into your personal playground and blood bank?

TO’B - That's so reductionist.  You oversimplify.

CSC - I'm bored.

TO’B - Oh dear.  We mustn’t have that...

TT - So you're back in book two of the opening trilogy of The Vampire Testaments?

TO’B - You know very well...Oh, I see.  That's a cue to talk about the book.

CSC - Our adventures in Wonderland.

TT - Not just yours.  Perenelle returns and gets a surprise.  Steven and Lori are back, in very different places in their lives...

CSC - Blah, blah, blah.  May I silence him?

TO’B - Caution, love. Technically, we are his creations.  Patricide seldom has a happy ending.
Claire pulls her hand away and sulks, arms folded.

TT - Blood Pressure...

TO’B - Yes, yes, I'm sorry.  I forget this is all about you.

TT - More about you.

CSC - As an extension of you...

TT - Considering your characters, I can't say that speaks well of me.

TO’B - Precisely.

TT - I love you both.  Despite yourselves.

TO’B - And we love you for that.

TT - So what do you do in this book?

CSC - If we give that away, who’ll buy your book?

TO’B - Hush, love.  Humor father.  My darling Claire finds me and frees grave consequence.

CSC - Though not to ourselves.

TO’B - The -- shall we say -- centerpiece of Bite Marks comes back to New York to dig up his past.  In the process, I am excavated.  Where it goes from there your readers will have to discover for themselves.

CSC - There’s love.  Mine for Tom...

TO’B - ...and mine for you!

CSC - Reunions of old loves that find new life.  New love that takes twists along the way.

TO’B - But isn’t all love twisted?  A twining?
Claire slips her hand back into his, fingers entwining.

TT - Without giving anything away, what else can you tell us about Blood Pressure?

TO’B - Only what's on the slip of paper you just slid across the table with characteristic subtlety.  Claire?  Will you?  For me?

CSC - Whatever...”Check  for updates on the book’s release, The Vampire Testaments, buy Bite Marks to be filled in on the full story.”
She crumples the paper and hurls it at me.

TT - Thank you, Claire.  I think I'll go look for the rest of my novel’s inhabitants.

CSC - Just don’t go in the cellar.

TO’B - Not a warning or a threat, just really good advice in general.

TT - Thanks.  I’ll remember that.

BLOOD PRESSURE comes out March 30th, and is available on pre-order on <> .


Another Daydreamer said...

Thanks for the great interview! I just picked up Bite Marks at the library this past week.

Making mental note about cellar. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued. I'm gonna see if my library carries it (I doubt it, but it's worth the look!)

Witchy Woman said...

Hi Terence,
1. I spelled your name correctly this time around.
2. I loved the interview! So funny...especially the part when your sliding the piece of paper to Clair.(Think I'm going to like her character.)
3. The cover for Blood Pressure won't give me nearly as many nightmares as Bite Marks.

Terence Taylor said...

Thanks, Witchy! On the cover, the publisher decided the last cover, fun as it was, might have diverted some readers from the content. So something a little more mysterious than nightmare... ;)

And yes, Claire has become quite one of my faves...I am waiting to see what she gets up to in book three...

Terence Taylor said...

To Lou, they might, I got a lot of library sales...hoping they come back for book two! ;) Hope you find it!

And to AD, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it...I'm looking forward to spending time with the characters again as I work on concluding the opening trilogy.