Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Bloody Valentine Contest — WORDS

Vote for one of the following entries by sending an email to with the winning number in the subject line.  You can only vote for one entry.

Choice 1: Silvia Steins

My dearest Lucern Argenau,
Describing you in one word = WOW
Oh how I dream of you in colors so bright,
That sexy smile and the way you fight.
Your gorgeous hair falling across your forehead,
I envision you late at night in my bed.
The echo of your voice trembling yet deep,
Makes it hard for me to go to sleep.
Why did you marry Kate that editor,
You could have had ME, dear predator.
Still your eyes shine for her & my soul calls for you,
Oh darling you’ve made me so blue.
You were a gentleman and ravished me not,
No matter how begging and pathetic I got.
You said: your man he shall arrive,
But I don’t want a guy that is alive!
I want a vampire for Valentine’s day,
So please, single vamps come this way.
I’ll love you forever if you have super strength,
If you can fly like a bat for sufficient length.
If your handsome, tall and really brave,
If you’re hungry & my blood is what you crave.
My phone number is available and so is my heart,
Please call me now!, don’t let us be apart.

Choice 2:  Emme Toaye

***My Happy Valentine ***
I morn, I weep for a lover gone a long twilight ago, never seen again by daylight I hide here in the dark. My tears have turned blood red, cold as ice as hard as glass. Let me feel the scented mist of a favorite perfume on my neck, the breath of my lover on my brow, 
a wet tear on my cheek once again.

Choice 3: Miranda Whitman

My love for you is never ending
Hence the letters I've been sending.

Long in lust and hot to start
Correspondence is not my greatest art.

My pen doth stutter as I stare
Upon the vision of you bare.

Beneath my lids the pic does hide
And cause great longing to reside

Within my loins, heavy with lust
Aching for both your touch and trust.

Know you of my strength impaired
When your voice doth ride the air?

Do you hear my indrawn breath,
Your scent the lightest sweet caress?

What length of time will hold me here
Arms length from you, so far yet near?

A darkness struggles inside my chest.
Do I cede your wishes, or press my quest

To see the moonlight shining bright
Along your skin so bare and white,

To feel your silk against my cheek
As tenderly a kiss I seek?

My blood pumps rich through gentle veins,
A soothing rhythm hums your name.

I offer you a wicked treat,
To take me now, before I'm weak.

Supine to you, my neck I bare.
Temptation glistens in your stare.

Will you grant my dying wish?
My insides burn, withheld from bliss.

My life it seems is not my own
For every day for you I moan.

Your name slips betwixt my lips
Begging for the smallest kiss.

Show me your love in ways most sought
Before my death by lust is wrought.

Allow our love to forever find
The binds of eternal night. Sublime!
Choice 4:  Kirsten Stein

Hey pretty boy Edward Cullen. I adore your crooked smile and those eyes so sullen.
Wanna hook up and make me your bride? Don’t worry no pressure at all implied.
I’m amazed at your diamond sparkles and gift. To read my mind even when it’s adrift.
You might be older by a good 80 years. But I never fancied any of my peers.
Your dazzling vampy family is really great. So is the fact that you dance with your date.
Be my bad guy so we can love forever. Don’t give me that look of Yeah whatever.
I know Bella’s blood sings real loud. But trust me I got good red stuff floating about.
It’s Valentine’s day may I ask for it? Kiss me Lion I pout my lips & flutter an eyelid
Huh? where are you going so quick. How could I know my lunch contained garlic.
Fine, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Yo stupid shiny Volvo-owner, wait for me.                               
I want that desirable piggyback! 
O Hey there pretty boy Jacob Black.
Choice 5: Soni (aka Sonika)

Henry Fitzroy

He was born the bastard son of a King.
Then die he did. Only to live again.
The night is now his loving mistress.
The days sun he now shuns.
A son of night is Henry Fitzroy!  

Of Royal Blood sired. 
Now by human blood, tied.
He lives. He preys. 
Even bound and tortured, he prays.

Un fils du Roi is Henry Fitzroy! 
This young prince, 
he be not damned.
For his soul he has retained, 
even though now fanged.
A man of God is Henry Fitzroy!
He seduces. He loves.
But not only for the blood.
"When I feed, there's a connection..."
Each experience enhanced by emotion.
L'amour des femmes is Henry Fitzroy!

From a lovers blood, 
whilst embraced in the throes of passion,
He laps the latent fear 
and can sometimes all reason, abandon.
Beautiful Death is Henry Fitzroy!

He is feral. He is fury. He is grace. He is desire.
He is lover. He is protector. He is man. 

He is... Vampire

Dedicated in awe of one I adore: Vampire Henry Fitzroy (as played by Kyle Schmid on tv's Blood Ties.)
© 2010, Sonika Edwards

Un fils du Roi = a son of the King / Kings' Son
L'amour des femmes = the love of women / the lover of women

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