Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Bloody Valentine Contest

Send a valentine to your favorite vampire!  Be it a poem, a few sappy lines about lurve, a haiku or sonnet, VampChix wants to read it.  Or go all out, and Photoshop a bunch of hearts, fangs and words together to make a valentine gif.  Send words of love and passion, goofy attraction, immortal devotion (or undying hate) to your Vampire Valentine.

Entries can be short and sweet (haiku, a few sentences) or longer (a love letter, a few paragraphs of sappy, bloody emotion) or in the form of a gif or jpg (no huge files, please; save 'for web' or 72 dpi).  Be creative.  It can be to a specific vampire you adore or to the vampire you worship from afar whose name you might not know.  No profanity, please.

Enter the contest February 2nd through the 12th.  Send entry to vampchixmail@gmail.com.  DO NOT send large photo files, and please save as gif or jpg.  If you are unsure about a photo file, upload to Flickr or your own blog/website and send VampChix the URL to view.  All entries will be posted at VampChix on February 13th.

Voting will be done by the readers of the VampChix blog!  All day February 13th, stop by and vote for your favorite Bloody Valentine, (categories will vary depending on assortment of entries).  Winners will be announced on Feb 14th.

Winners will receive Vampire.com chocolate and a grab bag of vamp-related books.  One grand prize winner will win a weBite Vampires print from Chop Shop.

And there's more!
Here's a cool offer Chop Shop wants to offer all VampChix readers: Just purchase the above weBiteVampires print at their sight and Chop Shop will send you the matching tee-shirt for free!  Use this link to Chop Shop to get this great offer.

So send use your hearts, your bloody words, and passionate meanderings!

There's still time to comment on guest, David Doub's interview with the vampire yesterday.  A winner will be announced on Wednesday!


Emme Toaye said...

***My Happy Valentine ***
I morn, I weep for a lover gone a long twilight ago, never seen again by daylight I hide here in the dark. My tears have turned blood red, cold as ice as hard as glass. Let me feel the scented mist of a favorite perfume on my neck, the breath of my lover on my brow, a wet tear on my cheek once again.

This was inspired by the a necklace I made from blood red glass teardrops and I have for sale at my mystic2awesome shop which I will eventually switch over to my gothB4play shop at etsy.

Robin K said...

I created this valentine: http://intensewhisper.blogspot.com/2010/02/my-vampire-valentine.html

I will also email the entry in a smaller version as requested.

Thanks for hosting such an inspiring contest!


Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter.