Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vamps and angels

After reviewing Vampire Forensics I was excited to see this television special airing on Tuesday, February 23 (National Geographic channel) at 10PM ET/PT.  [Now, if only I could get that channel.]

National Geographic Channel's "Explorer: Vampire Forensics" follows forensic anthropologist Matteo Borrini as he digs deeper into this legend.

Venice, 1575 - the jewelled city of northern Italy is in the throes of unimaginable horror. One of the worst plagues ever to strike mankind: the Black Death. Mass graves swell with thousands of bodies. A legend grows that a vampire known as a "Shroud-eater" is the cause of the plague. The Shroud-eater feasts on corpses, then rises from the earth to infect the living.

More than four hundred years later Italian forensic anthropologist and CSI specialist Matteo Borrini leads a team excavating a 16th Century mass grave on one of Venice's outlying islands. He uncovers a skeleton unlike any he had ever seen before. A brick appears to have been inserted between the jaws of the skull. Why? The answer shocks him. He believes the object was part of a macabre ritual designed to kill a vampire. The discovery launches Borrini on a forensic investigation unlike any he has ever attempted - as he attempts to put a face - a life - to the Vampire of Venice.

Looking ahead a few weeks, starting March 7th VampChix will be hosting an ANGEL WEEK, since we know you all love vampires, but probably like other winged creatures, as well.  Our guest that week will be Skyler White, author of and FALLING FLY and we'll review ANGELOLOGY, and chat about all things angel.  Look for werewolves, demons, and others to get their own week in the coming months.

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The Black Count said...

Greetings Vampchix,

In regards to Angelology which I just investigated through the link you posted, along with other angel novels: Hush,Hush, Fallen and Angel Time among others, it does seem that Angels are the new vampires.

Just look at the popularity of the Castiel character on Supernatural as another example.

And yes, I voted ANGELS on your poll, and wasn't surprised to see them in the lead.

Anonymous said...

Legion was a recent movie which featured some good use of angel lore, and as Angels, especially the fallen ones, have been tied closely with the vampire myth (in other novels and my own), it seems a logical step that they are next.

Supernatural seems to have prominent angels as good and bad guys, and it makes for a really interesting storyline.

Gina Leigh Maxwell said...

Wow, I'm excited about your Angel Week! A year ago when I started writing my first book about Angels and Vampires having celestial ties to one another, I had no idea it was going to be a new trend. Hopefully I can get my foot in the door before it becomes overdone by everyone else. :)

Thanks for the 411 on the NatGeo show tonite. I'm going to try to remember to DVR it so I can watch it later this week.

P.S. Nicole Hadaway rocks.

Anonymous said...

Utterly fascinating. How amazing would that have been? And to hold the skull, the energy within that would have been incredible.

CJ xx

Michele Hauf said...

Angels may be the new vampires, but I don't think they'll ever overwhelm the popularity of vamps, at least not at the moment.

Crystal, the story behind the skull with the brick in it is fascinating, and a great tell-all about why, in past centuries, people believed in vampires. I suspect the TV special may be similiar to the book, VAMPIRE FORENSICS, which I highly recommend to anyone curious about how the vampire mythology has been perpetuated over the centuries.

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I was disappointed with the vampire forensics show. The whole brick in the mouth thing and "the masticating dead" seems to me to be more of a zombie thing. They used "vampire" in the title to draw people in when really flesh eating revenants and zombie like creatures are totally differnt than vampires.

Vampire myths and legends have existed all around the world from the beginning of time and are pretty specific to being blood drinkers not "flesh eaters". That's what labels them as vampire myths.

Everything they spoke of was more zombie/ghoul in origin and I was disappointed by their lack of knowledge.

I mean they touted Dracula as the first well dressed seductive vampire and labled vampires as being male when there are also plenty of stories and legends depicting them as female.

I think it was just another way everyone is trying to cash in on "vampires" even if in reality it has practically nothing to do with vampires.

(Don't get me wrong the history and whole process of the forensics was intersting just not from a vampire standpoint)

Michele Hauf said...

Thanks, Roxanne. After reading about the skull with the brick in it I came to the same conclusion. BUt really it's just a person, who through the normal process of however the body breaks down after death, opened its mouth and appeared as though it 'chewed' on the burial shroud. So funny. But I can completely see people forming wild conclusions back then.

I won't worry that I missed the show now. Thanks for reporting on it!