Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vote today — My Bloody Valentine contest

Today's the day to vote!  We received some awesome entries and divided them into two categories: WORDS and PICS.  You can vote for one in each category.  You can either send two emails, voting for one category in each email, or just send one email with both your choices.  Put the winning number and letter in the subject line.  Today is the only day to vote because tomorrow winners are announced!

Winners in each category will receive a grab bag of vampire books + chocolate.
One overall winner who receives the most votes wins the grand prize donated by Chop Shop the weBite vampire print.  Special thanks to Chop Shop for that!  You can still access the special offer for VampChix readers only at this link.

Please vote now and send your votes to:

Thank you to all who participated!  Your work is awesome!

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susan said...

This was a fun contest and I had fun reading it all and picking which ones I like the best. susan L.