Sunday, March 21, 2010

Are you ready for these?

Jane Slayre, our plucky demon-slaying heroine, a courageous orphan who spurns the detestable vampyre kin who raised her, sets out on the advice of her ghostly uncle to hone her skills as the fearless slayer she’s meant to be. When she takes a job as a governess at a country estate, she falls head-over-heels for her new master, Mr. Rochester, only to discover he’s hiding a violent werewolf in the attic—in the form of his first wife. Can a menagerie of bloodthirsty, flesh-eating, savage creatures-of-the-night keep a swashbuckling nineteenth-century lady from the gentleman she intends to marry? Vampyres, zombies, and werewolves transform Charlotte Brontë’s unforgettable masterpiece into an eerie paranormal adventure that will delight and terrify. [Available April 13]

[Available May 4]  And not to be overlooked, LITTLE WOMEN AND WEREWOLVES.

[Available August 1]

ROMEO & JULIET & VAMPIRES [Available August 31]


Witchy Woman said...

I'm actually looking forward to Little Vampire Women. My story: when I was a young girl my aunt had bought me Little Women, which I read and loved. Fast forward: in high school I discovered Dracula and loved it! So you see, it's only natural to think that intermingling the two-would be something I'd like to dip my wand into. Further note: I'm eager to see what the cover for Romeo & Juliet & Vampires will look like.

vvb32 reads said...

love em. great finds!