Friday, March 12, 2010

Dark Angels: The Fallen and Nephilim

Fallen angels, nephilim, regular angels that reside in the heavens.  They are growing in popularity in fiction lately.  L.A. Banks just announced yesterday her sale for two books in a fallen angels series.  J.R. Ward has started a new series.  They are certainly populating the romance book shelves.

A lot of the stories incorporate the mythology of the fallen angels and nephilim.  Thought we'd take a closer look.

In Hebrew, nephilim means 'fallen ones'.  The most common view is that nephilim are the offspring of an angel and a human woman, or they were the offspring of the descendants of Seth (featured in ANGELOLOGY by Danielle Trussoni).   Nephilim may also mean 'giant', and they were thought to be large beasts that would make a man's heart fail at the sight of them.  Goliath was deemed to be a nephilim.

The Fallen angels, also known as the Grigori or Watchers, according the the book of Enoch decided to fall from the heavens to choose wives from the mortals.  Two hundred fell, and those who begat nephilim were cast into a place of 'total darkness' in punishment.  Those fallen angels also spent some time teaching man the creative arts, such a metal working, cosmetics, writing and sorcery (all deemed sinful), and were punished for that as well.  Some sources say the nephilim were erased from the earth after the Great Flood (go, Noah!) but other sources say they were bound 'in the valley of the earth until Judgment Day'.

What lore fascinates you about the fallen and their offspring?  


Anonymous said...

Hello Michele!

I read (or interpreted) Enoch to mean that the bodies of the Nephilim giants were destroyed by the flood, but their spirits remained on earth as evil demons -- spooky!

I find the whole tale of the Fallen Ones, and the first falling and second falling of the watchers fascinating history. Thanks for another great post today!

Shauna Kemp said...
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Shauna Kemp said...

There is a some of this in Hush, Hush too Michele! :) I found it very interesting. Would love to know what you think of it once you've read it. :)

Mel Teshco said...

really interesting post Michele, and quite eerie to even imagine it for me, as I've had my eyes opened to lots of things lately =)
You've certainly stirred up my imagination!

Patricia Altner said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed angel week. Angels, fallen and otherwise, are popping up in so many books today, esp UF.

Thanks for the info.

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