Monday, March 1, 2010

Guest: Corvis Nocturnum

Please welcome author Corvis Nocturnum to VampChix today! Ever wonder about the living vampire community?  Learn more below...

We love the vampire. And they walk among us.
By Corvis Nocturnum

            Given the recent rise in popularity of the vampire in books and movies, I have recently written a book on this fascinating phenomenon called Allure of the Vampire: Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead which addresses all manner of facets of our seduction by vampires. From the creation of ancient myth and folklore to classics such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Dark Shadows that inspired today’s creators in such works as Twilight and True Blood, I follow the evolution of how we perceive of and desire vampires up to this very day.
            In the mainstream media and pop culture, the vampire is very enticing, with its seduction, dark powers and immortality. Indeed, this attraction has lead to an all time wave of people drawn to the archetype of the vampire, and television has ever increasingly been showing a once hidden subculture of people who live as vampires. They have been seen on the reality show Mad Mad House featuring Don Henrie, and in documentaries and the news (A&E Biographies: Vampires, and ABC 20/20.) Understandably by the style of appearance some portray, they are often misconstrued as part of the Gothic subculture by the general public.  One also might consider initially that the people involved in this lifestyle are psychologically damaged and possibly a part of the rare criminal element that kills their sex partners in a sadistic manner but this is not the case.
What exactly then is a vampire in what is known as the living vampire community, and by what manner do they ‘feed’? For some, a social vampire of vampyre is also a living vampire who acts and dresses like a stereotypical “undead vampire” but many more express the need to take in life energy or blood, from sources outside themselves, to maintain a spiritual, psychic, and physical health.  The vampire community is often loosely categorized by the three principal feeding methods. A blood vampire, or sanguinarian, is a living vampire who drinks blood out of some form of need.  Blood may arouse them sexually, revitalize their physical, emotional, or spiritual well being, and even some believe it gives them extra strength. Another type of vampiric feeding practice is psychic or psi vampirism. Merticus of Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC: says, “Most of [the] misconceptions [with regards to vampires and vampirism] derive from the fact that the modern-day Vampire Community is using the word ‘vampire’ in a metaphorical sense, and from the tendency of outsiders to ignore the context of this use. When a member of this community describes themselves as a ‘vampire,’ they are not trying to tell you that they think they’re a fictional character with supernatural powers, that they have trouble distinguishing between a role-playing game and reality, or that they hope you're gullible enough to believe that they're hundreds of years old and live in a castle. They’re not even claiming kinship with the folkloric monster that frightened the people of Central Europe, and has them performing vampire-banishing rituals to this day”.
The vampire is simply an archetype that is the closest thing that can be identified with their needs and beliefs. The need and several physical conditions that apply simply make the mental connection fit for the subculture that is as drawn to the seductive nature of the vampire as it is for the rest of the world through the ages.

Author Corvis Nocturnum is a sub cultural researcher and vampirologist. His books such as Embracing the Darkness; Understanding Dark Subcultures and Allure of the Vampire; Our Sexual Attraction for the Undead can be purchased from and

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