Saturday, March 20, 2010

New releases and vamp bites...

Spring equinox!  Is everyone trying to balance eggs today?  ;-)

Just learned about these cool retractable vampire fangs the other day.  Go watch the video at the sight, and if you order a set, report back to VampChix!  They look pretty cool, but the whole 'tongue bar' thing makes me think they'll be a pain to operate, or at least talk.  But then who does sound normal when talking with fangs?  ;-)

While at the site I also spied this pretty little necklace.  Nice price, too.

Sigourney Weaver Vamps Movie Vampire Queen – It appears as if Sigourney Weaver has stepped back into the spotlight after starring in the recently released, highest grossing movie of all time, “Avatar.” The success of “Avatar” has undoubtedly left many studios interested in the aging star, who has starred in a number of James Cameron’s most highly regarded films including the horror sci-fi thriller, “Aliens.” It is reported that Weaver recently accepted a role in the upcoming Vampire movie, aptly named “Vamps.” The director of the upcoming movie, which has been classified as a “romantic horror/comedy”, will be the director of Clueless, Amy Heckerling.

Production the new movie is scheduled to begin in April, with filming commencing shortly after the start of production. The character that Sigourney Weaver will play in the upcoming movie will be named Ciccerus, and will be the “Queen” of the vampires that she recruits through biting them. It is unclear at this point what the potential rating of the movie will be, but most insiders report that the movie will be a lighthearted pop culture movie that should not garner a rating past PG-13.

Here's a link to an interview with the other actresses slated to star in the film.

Here's one you might have missed:  Christopher Hart's THE REFORMED.
“I cannot die. But I cannot live. Let me go.
Remove this curse of eternal life!”

Handsome, wealthy, respected, Giancarlo has lived for hundreds of years, surrounded by splendor, shrouded in darkness, and enslaved by the insatiable hunger lurking inside him. In the glittering ballrooms where the privileged gather, he moves with cool elegance. But in the desolate alleys where the undead feed, he preys with murderous intent. Immortality is his, but love never will be–only an eternity of loneliness, filled with the blood of innocent victims.

But Jenny won’t be one of them. Something about this beautiful young woman stirs feelings in Giancarlo that he hasn’t known for centuries. For her, he will defy his dark brethren and fight to be mortal again. But he is a marked man. Ghoulish murders plaguing the city have made him the target of a relentless homicide cop. And a far more dangerous enemy–one of unspeakable brutality and bloodlust–hovers even closer . . . determined to annihilate Giancarlo and his last chance for salvation.

So how many of you stood in line last night to snatch NEW MOON on DVD?  I understand some stores opened at midnight.  If you didn't require such a quick fix, you can order it from Amazon, or even download it directly from Amazon to watch on your 'puter.  Don'tcha just love technology?

And if you really want to go fancy, check out this offer at for wine and the DVD.

And hey, did you know you can now download my vampire novella, Vampire's Tango, in audio version, for Free from  It's for a limited time (not sure when it expires) so go check it out!  And if you prefer to read your books, you can find the first chapter at my website, and various buy links, as well.

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