Thursday, April 8, 2010

Guest: Anna Hackett

Please welcome fellow Nocturne Bites author, Anna Hackett to VampChix today!

Vampires, Chakras and Tantric Sex

For me, vampire = blood drinking and when I started writing a vampire story, I knew that was one vampire “rule” I couldn’t break. 

But as I researched vampire lore, I was fascinated by psychic vampires—creatures who feed on their victim’s energy.  I could picture these beings so easily because I know people who tend to “suck the life out of me.” 

You know the ones, right?  Either they’re so negative they leave you feeling down after only a few minutes or on the opposite end of the spectrum a person who is so high energy they leave you exhausted.

So I bent the blood-drinking rule and combined the need for blood and energy.  In the vampire world of HUNTER’S SURRENDER, vampires feed on blood and energy. 

Energy led me to Eastern beliefs:  Reiki, prana, chakras and Tantric sex.  I liked how I could link the heart chakra to the myth of a stake through the heart.  There are seven major chakras, but I used only four of them and blended them with my vampire world.  So in HUNTER’S SURRENDER there are four different types of vampire:

Anaharta – made vampires linked to the heart chakra.  They are the most common and can be killed by destroying the heart chakra.

Ajna – the rare born vampires (akin to vampire royalty) who are linked to the brow chakra.  They are unearthly beautiful, extremely strong and notoriously hard to kill (pretty tough to stake someone through the forehead!)  These guys are strong enough to withstand solar energy in their chakras and go out in the sun.

Manipura – a part vampire and linked to the stomach chakra.  The transformation to anaharta wasn’t fully completed and they end up with some vampire traits but still retain some human traits.  This type are akin to vampire servants.

Vishuddha – the rarest of the types and always male, these beings are born to a vampire father and a human mother.  Linked to the throat chakra, they have all the strengths of the vampire and none of their weaknesses (they can walk in the sun and don’t need blood to survive).  Only problem is their energies are unbalanced which leads to out-of-control emotions and insanity.

In HUNTER’S SURRENDER, my heroine, Dominique Valois is ajna—powerful, beautiful and a vampire princess.  She needs to ruin herself to save her family and the biggest, baddest vampire hunter in the business is her best choice.

Rand Wilder is vishuddha.  Not a pure blood (they are very rare) but a descendent of one.  Vishuddha traditionally become vampire hunters and Rand is no exception.

Throw together a vampire desperate to seduce a hunter, add a dash of out-of-control energy and some hot Tantric sex and you have HUNTER’S SURRENDER.

Last month, my fellow Bites author, Mel Teshco had her debut Bites, HER DARK LORD hit the virtual shelves.  While her vampire world is different to mine, I can still categorize her characters using my chakra system:

Her heroine, Kia Montana is a dhampir—a hybrid half human, half vampire.  In my world, Kia would be vishuddha.  A pure blood and since she’s female extremely rare.  Mel’s hero, Ronan is an anaharta vampire, made a long time ago.  He’s powerful, strong and irresistibly drawn to the vishuddha heroine.

I had a fantastic time creating my vampire world and thanks to VampChix for letting me stop by and share it with you.  To celebrate the release of HER DARK LORD and HUNTER’S SURRENDER, Mel and I are giving away a different vampire short story (Nocturne Bites) every week during March and April. 

So if you like reading vampires (especially if you like a little vampire romance) stop by my blog or Mel’s blog and share some fav vampire facts for the chance to win!

HUNTER’S SURRENDER out now from Nocturne Bites and available at all major eBook retailers:

Vampire hunter Rand Wilder hated vampires—even if they were as beautiful and alluring as vampire princess Dominique Valois. For years he fought the beings who had killed his father, resisting their dangerous sensuality. Yet even Rand was tempted by the intoxicating Dominique and her shocking offer: to hurt the vampire court by taking her virginity....
A desperate need to ruin her reputation had forced Dominique to seek out the hunter known as The Darkness. But she hadn't expected Rand to be so captivating and compassionate.... Soon a very different sort of need drove her desire to take Rand to her bed. And with Dominique's survival depending on it, she would have to use all her skills of seduction to make this strong hunter surrender to passion....

Anna Hackett has always been a reader and her favorite books are romance, action-adventure or both. When the urge to write got too strong to ignore, it was no surprise she combined romance, action and her love of ancient history in her stories.

Australian Anna and her English-American husband currently live in an isolated mining town in northern Australia. When she’s not wearing her boots and hard hat, she’s at her computer dreaming up deliciously dark heroes, strong heroines and action-packed, emotionally-charged paranormal romance.  For more info, please check out her website:


Mel Teshco said...

love how you've incorporated your own brand of chakras into your world building! And great diagram btw =)

Anna Hackett said...

Hi Mel --
Glad you like my chakra based vamps! It was a lot of fun to create and write.

Rach. S said...

Ooooo A vampire Princess and a Vampire Hunter...I smell serious conflict!! Not to mention a lot of heat :) And, yes, I have a friend who literally sucks the life out of me whenever I'm in her company. It's so amazing I've even taken friends to her house so they can experience it for themselves! Congrats on Hunters Surrender Anna. Your Vamps rock. xxxx

elove said...

Hi Anna,
Super post! I always appreciate a glimpse into the working mind of a 'real' writer. :)
One of the things I love most about your books (and I ADORE this one), aside from the sexy, kickass, complex characters, and the hair-raising action, is your solid, well-developed worlds. Just adds that extra depth to a story, and sucks the reader right in. This is a great example of the research and planning that pays in the end.
Congrats on your release! E x

Anna Hackett said...

Hi Rach --

You have one of those friends too, huh? Thanks for the congrats on Hunter's Surrender and I'm so pleased you liked my vamps.

Anna Hackett said...

Hi E --
Thanks for the great comments! So pleased to hear my research paid off (-: I love when research and fun facts seamlessly blend into the story.

Eleni Konstantine said...

That's so fascinating Anna. Great worldbuilding indeed.
E :)

Anna Hackett said...

Thanks, Eleni. I had lots of fun with it.