Sunday, April 25, 2010

Werewolf Week!

We love our vampires, but that doesn't mean we don't like the hairy guys as well.  The werewolf is one of those paranormal creatures that balances the line between man and beast.  He comes in various forms, from a completely human state, to the animal we all recognize as a wolf, to the half-man/half-beast form.  The werewolf is a shapeshifter, and is very popular in the romance genre nowadays, as well as on the silver screen.  I like to think of the big hairy lugs as more family oriented than vampires, due to the packs they run with.  They generally mate for life, and can be fiercely protective of those mates.  

The term werewolf comes from the Old English wer (were), which translates to 'man', and wulf, which obviously means 'wolf' or in more general terms 'beast'.  

The ability to transform from man into beast, and most specifically wolf is lycanthropy.  It is a term linked to the original mythological werewolf, Lycaon, king of Arcadia, who, according to Ovid's Metamorphoses, was turned into a ravenous wolf in retribution for attempting to serve his own son to visiting Zeus in an attempt to disprove the god's divinity.

Instead of attempting to synopsis the wonderful article about werewolves at Wikipedia, click this link and read up on it all!

Later this week we'll take a look at some of the more popular werewolf films and books.  Tell us what your favorites are!  And what is it about the werewolf that intrigues and attracts you?

All week we'll be giving away a copy of MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS daily (it features Michele's short story, Racing the Moon, about a werewolf and a familiar).  Each day a winner will be drawn from the comments; all winners announced on Saturday.

Stop by tomorrow for guest author Lori Handeland, who chats about the vampires in her latest series!


Anne said...

Werewolf? There wolf? lolol that is my favorite joke..Love Love Love weres, shifters! So glad you are having this "special" week!

cait045 said...

I love Patricia Briggs Mercy Thompson series. I love Alpha guys and the pack acting to protect there own. I like that kind of safey. said...

the silver bullet movie, got me liking werewolves

Robin K said...

I love the werewolves in my books. They are far to numerous to mention. They attract me because of their animal magnetism and wild nature. I love a gentle but untamed beast.

Leilani @Leilani Loves Books said...

I do love my Were's almost as much as I love my vamps!