Sunday, May 16, 2010

Awesome upcoming vamp covers

Can't wait for this new historical vampire series, The Vampire Tudor Chronicles, starting in August with KISS OF THE ROSE.

Awesome cover for a reissue of Katie Maxwell's GOT FANGS? and CIRCUS OF THE DARNED.  In bookstores, November 2011 — CONFESSIONS OF A VAMPIRE'S GIRLFRIEND.

I love this cover for the reissue of George Sylvester's classic, THE HOUSE OF THE VAMPIRE.

And seriously?  I may find DICK AND JANE AND VAMPIRES irresistible.


awesome said...

Dick and Jane and Vampires looks funny :) Maybe I get that for my nieces?

Roxanne Rhoads said...

OMG I grew up reading all those old Dick and Jane books...but Dick and Jane and Vampires... LOL!!!

the cautionary tale said...

oh snap! I love the Dick and Jane and Vampires!!! Wonder if Spot is in it? said...

House of the vampire has indeed great cover!