Saturday, June 26, 2010

BtVS: Angel and The Pack

The 6th episode of the 1st season is titled ANGEL.  In which, we learn much about the mysterious stranger who has been haunting Buffy's daydreams, mainly that he's a 240 year old vampire.
I wasn't keen on why Buffy felt she had to invite Angel to spend the night after the vampires had found her house.  And why he agreed to stay.  Seriously?  The dude could have made it home fine, but I guess he wanted to spend a little time with the slayer.  Ah, to be a teenager again, and sneak the boy into your room.
"Angel?  Do you snore?"
"I don't know.  It's been a long time since I've been in a position to have someone let me know."
Since this band of 3 tough vampires is after Buffy and her pals, Giles decides to up her weapons training.  Though seriously, the defeated the 3 easily enough the first time they saw them.  But whateve.  During the training in the library we get our first good glimpse of Sarah Michelle Geller's stunt double wearing the awful wig.  
Then there's the first kiss!  Ohmygod!  It's going so well, and then...Angel vamps out.  Poor ugly forehead guy.  I'd run, too, if I looked like that.  He flees to his home and I forgot that the guy was living on bagged blood.  Yuck.  
Oh, sneaky Darla, making Buffy believe Angel bit her mom.  Darla, we learn, is Angelus's creator.  Her kills her.  I didn't like her fashion sense, anyway.
And finally, another kiss to make things all better.  Only, Angel has nerves of steel when we see what he had to go through to get that kiss. Buffy's cross necklace burned him.  Poor guy.  Good thing he's not like the vampires in my stories, or that holy wound would never heal!
All in all, an awesome episode.  

#7, The Pack
Another great episode, in that Zander got to be serious and show some real sexy acting chops in a few scenes.  He does alpha well.  Wish they'd have let him show it off more during the course of the show.  So Zander becomes a hyena (sort of) and plays dodgeball.  Willow haz a sad.  
The music in this episode rocked.  Find some of it here.
Best line of the night: "They ate Principal Flootie?"

You gotta love this show.  It's getting better with each episode.


Marie Treanor said...

Thanks for bringing it all back, Michele :) I've missed Buffy!

Scott M. Baker said...

I love the way Joss Whedon can seamlessly blend humor and horror and make it work so effectively.

Lorelei said...

I agree, Michele, I wish they'd have let Xander be a tad more stronger, but I guess he had to be the whipped pup since we had Angel.

Did he ever go on to do anything after the show ended?

Anyway, yeah, this is good stuff!

Michele Hauf said...

Yep, Nicholas Brendon who plays Xander (I've been spelling it wrong with a 'Z') has a good list of stuff at IMBD.

Shauna Leigh Kemp said...

I LOVE this episode, ANGEL, as he is my favorite vamp in Buffy!!! :) Sigh... And, since I am more of YA than most around here probably, I guess I was like, "yes, totally stay the night!" Ha ha!! :) Okay, maybe that shouldn't be "YA", but you know what I mean, I think. The ep made sense to me anyway, LOL. I LOVED it, I think it is my all time FAVE of them all. =*) Spike has actually grown on me quite a bit by Season 6 & 7, so don't all groan, but Angel is still my FAVE! *smiles*

And yeah, Darla's fashion sense is way off even for her own time period I'm pretty sure, yuck!

I love the updates Michele! Especially since I am just finishing watching them all for the first time, so this is perfect timing! I only have about half a dozen left of Season 7! :)

Happy Buffy watching!!

Shauna Leigh Kemp said...

Oh, one more thing, I think I remember you saying you hadn't seen many of the ANGEL episodes, but someone gave me a tip I thought I'd share:

Once you get to Buffy Season 4, Ep 1 (Since Angel is on until end of Season 3, right?) Then start Angel Season 1 Ep 1 and alternate them at least for the first season or so because they do have some overlapping episodes. One of which is another absolute favorite of mine and it is on the ANGEL side and I think you will LOVE it too and I don't want you to miss it story-wise, it's awesome!! :)

Okay, so, Happy Buffy & Angel watching! I actually have to pick up in mid Season 2 of Angel because I got caught up in Buffy Season 6 and just keep going... So do as I say and not as I do! But, for that one season of overlapping it is important! :)

Shauna Leigh Kemp said...

And.... Spike is on ANGEL too, so I think you'll thank me later. LOL

Okay, now I'm done. :) Can you tell, I love these shows too? Never thought I would, yikes! Now..... I'm done.

Michele Hauf said...

Good tip, Shauna, about alternating the shows. Will do! And yep, I do recall Spike appeared on Angel a bit. I'm such a slow TV watcher. I'll be lucky if I make it half through all of Buffy this summer!

And watched The Gates last night. Two episodes in and I really like it.

Shauna Leigh Kemp said...

You bet, don't want you missing Spike! :) I'm glad I hung in there with him, I actually kinda like the vamp now... shhhh. :) Best wishes on your Buffy/Angel watching, I hope you get it all in, can't wait to hear more!

And, thanks for reminding me about The Gates again! I almost forgot and my recorder is so full it almost deleted it so I went in and saved it before it was gone, whew! So tonight, I'll be watching the premiere & last nights, woot! Thanks so much!! :)