Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse Movie!

Well.... I went to the midnight showing of Eclipse last night and.... LOVED it!!!  Here's a picture I took of the poster they had outside of the theatre.  I liked the way it looked in the neon purple lights!  :)

Well, was there any question I would enjoy it?  Actually, yes there was.  New Moon wasn't my favorite, although it was a very good movie (in my Twilight minded opinion), but Eclipse is my favorite book of them all and I was extremely worried it wouldn't live up to my expectations, but it certainly did.  And, it had all of the story elements which is pretty darn important!

The best part of this movie by far for me was Jasper!  I knew it would be, because I knew his part of the story would come out more and I'd get to see more of him and his abilities.  There's a picture of Alice and Jasper and Alice (IMDb) right after he is showing her how to fight the newborns and then explaining his past to Bella, which is one of my favorite clusters of scenes within the movie.  I'd say more about it, but I don't want to ruin it, it's so awesome!!! For the record, I don't know who's record really, but anyway, my myspace cork board has said Team Jasper for quite some time!  Ha ha!!  (You can see it without friending me, but you do have to actually friend me to see much else... and yes, my myspace page really is mostly twilight and music related! Ha!  It's just for fun really.)

Anyway, I'm so glad he got his time on the big screen finally!  And, he rocked!!!  :)  I've been sort of a silent fan of his except to some close friends, kind of like a best kept secret, but now like they say, the cat or rather the vamp is out of the bag!!  He is scarred, both physically and emotionally, but reformed and he struggles and overcomes and he is a fighter and he loves and he wins!  Oh man... I talk and blog a lot about Edward or Angel... but, Jasper... Oh Jasper!!!  Wow, he really does have it all in the way of vamps.  And, you will see it if you go watch this movie!!  He really might be my very fave (shhhh.)  I don't know why I like to keep that a secret, but oh well.  Vamps out now!  LOVED him in this... sigh.

I am also pretty sure that Jackson Rathbone's career just skyrocketed as well.  He's awesome!  He also plays in the 100 Monkey's band in LA, but anyway, I digress.  See secret fan, ha ha! If my friends are reading this, they are shaking their heads laughing at me saying "Oh Shauna, we already know!"  :)  But, it was so fun, EVERY time Jasper came on screen I wanted to say "Jasper!"  :)

Okay, and that is just ONE part of this amazing movie that is just one of the many movies of the Twilight Saga, which is so very fun for us Twilight fans.  I know it's not every ones cup of tea or blood for the vamps...  But, when you are in it, it really is a blast!

There was also newcomer, well newborn, Riley:

Who I've gotta say, as bad vamps go, is pretty darn cute.  Too bad he chose the wrong side.  Tsk, tsk!  :)

The rest of the story?  Jacob was pretty Jacob-like and his tattoo kept catching my attention for some reason.  I think I actually really like it!  Even though I'm still definitely not Team Jacob (sorry!).  And, Emmett is also a cool fighter like Jasper.  But, we all know he's a big tough guy so that's to be expected.  None of these are spoil-makers, I'm not into those so I think I will stop there!  :)

You can visit Twilight the movie ~ Eclipse for more extra fun stuff.  Also, the soundtrack is quite good.  I really like the song Ours by The Bravery, among others.  Have you heard it yet?

And, a fellow Examiner who writes LOTS of Twilight stuff is the Twilight Examiner and she has been posting lots of juicy movie stuff as well.  I've been following Amanda's sight even before I not too long ago became an Examiner myself.  I highly recommend it for Twilight news and info!

I'd love to hear what others think or if and when they might see it.  I already want to go again!  How many times will you see it?

Happy Eclipse watching!
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Rain Maiden said...

Loved your post, I haven't seen the movie... yet. Will be seeing Jackson today in the movie The Last Airbender.

Jen D. said...

I loved the movie too. It's definitely my favorite so far. The acting has vastly improved, the effects were pretty good and they kept pretty true to the story. I loooved Jasper's accent. I don't know why I didn't picture him talking with one. He gets my vote for Most Improved.

Shauna Leigh Kemp said...

Oooh, Rain Maiden, I want to see The Last Airbender too!! Let me know how you like it! :) I'm glad you liked my post, thanks so much. I was a little sleepy I think, and very Jackson intoxicated! =]

Hi Jen D.! You know, it's funny you mention Jasper's accent, because I noticed it a lot in this one too. And, he may have had it in the others, it's just that he has rarely spoken so much in one scene before that it's hard to catch! He was actually born in Singapore and has lived all over, even Texas so, I thought his accent was pretty good! Ha ha. Though, he's one of my favorite actors, musicians, I just think he's a cutie so I guess I'm kinda biased when it comes to Jackson! :) He's just too cute! LOL. I'm glad you liked him too. It was just fine to see him shine in this one! Yay, for most improved!!!