Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BtVS: Season 1, last eps

I screwed up my numbering on these episodes, so not sure where I'm at, really.  They are not numbered on the DVDs either, so I probably have them out of order.  The next I watched was:

THE PUPPET SHOW - I must repeat, I hate shows with big bugs in them.  And you can also add puppets to that list.  (Yes, I know there's a puppet ep. on Angel, and I have heard it was well received.)  Puppets freak me as much a big bugs.  'Nuf said.

NIGHTMARES - I didn't take notes on this one, so it must not have really stood out.

I ROBOT, YOU JANE - The introduction of Ms. Calendar.  I like her as a foil/romantic interest for Giles. And she doesn't take his guff.  Though seriously, way to date a television show, by featuring an episode on technology and those funky mid-90s computers.  Heh.  Willow finds an online love and lucks out because it's not a dirty old man, but rather, a demon.  I hate it when that happens.  Online demons are so annoying.  Wonder what they could have done with texting and iPhones?

OUT OF MIND, OUT OF SIGHT - This is one episode I have often recalled over the years, so it obviously had an impact on me the first time I viewed it.  It had the same impact this time around.  I really liked the concept that Marcy (the invisible girl) didn't become that way because she wanted to, but rather, because others didn't see her.  This one spoke to teenagers in a way that only this show is learning how to do.
In this ep. did you notice Willow wearing her Scooby Doo shirt?  Go, Scooby gang!
Buffy regrets the things she's had to give up to be the slayer, including being May queen.  It's those little things that really mean a lot to a teenager.  I love that Joss Whedon is really dialed into the teen psyche.
We see more Angel, and he spends some time brooding to Giles.
Cordelia is starting to come over to the nerd side.  She pleads Buffy to help her.  "I was kinda hoping you were in a gang."  Yet Giles remarks to Cordy, "I don't recall seeing you before."  "Oh no," Cordy replies, "I have a life."  Love it.
One thing that bugged me, Marcy was apparently trapped in the school, invisible and all.  So how was she able to drag Cordy and Buffy to the Bronze?  Strong invisible chick!
I liked the ending with Marcy being taken by the FBI to a special school for (invisible) assassins.

PROPHECY GIRL - The Season finale  (Hmm, I was mistaken to think that Spike made his debut at the end of this season by driving onto the scene in his car.  Must be beginning of next season.  I need Spike!)
Buffy quits.  The slayer can't quit.  Buffy dies.  Buffy comes back to life.
That's it in a nutshell.
This ep. is overflowing with teen angst, and it handles it all well.  Flash to Xander, recently dissed after asking Buffy to the prom.  He's sprawled on his bed listening to "I Fall To Pieces".
Buffy in her pretty white prom dress, a symbol of the sacrificial virgin.  Worked for me.  (I had no clue you could buy a Buffy doll wearing the dress. Coolness.)
Ms. Calendar cements her position in the Scooby gang.  "How come she's in the club?" Willow wonders.
Whedon is hitting his stride with the banter and the dialogue.
Angel realizes Xander's feelings for Buffy.  "You're in love with her."
Xander pauses, then, "Are you?"
Perfect dialogue!
Later, The Master mutters as Buffy approaches, "Oh good, the feeble banter portion of the fight."  (I love Whedon's banter; did I mention that already?)
Great scene with Angel unable to resuscitate Buffy because he has no breath, so Xander gets to save the girl who broke his heart.
But what are those crowds of creatures stalking the city of Sunnydale?  Vampires or zombies?  They had a very zombie-like vibe, if you ask me.
Favorite line from Buffy:  "I may be dead, but I'm still pretty."
Just a note, the library took some major damage.  Good thing Sunnydale High apparently has a bottomless remodeling budget.
So, what does the Scooby gang do after saving the world?
They go party.
Perfect ending to the season!

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