Thursday, July 8, 2010


All right, we love to swoon over the pretty ones, read tales of the muscle-bound dark ones, and pine for the stylish, aristocratic ones.  But what about the ugly vampires?  "We don't get no respect," Grandpa Munster seems to say.  Thought it was time to show them a little lurve.  Here's a quick list of some of the top ugo-vamps.  Who did I forget?

The first is from LOST BOYS.  I think its the eyes that make this particular vamp fall off the attractive list.  Or maybe the awful 80s perm. Poor ugly ole bloodsucker dude.

Gary Oldman as Dracula had his ugo moments, and then moments of utter beauty when he was working the dark hair and the blue-lensed glasses.  But how could you take the guy seriously with that double bun coif and the long ponytail streaming down his back?

Oh yikes!  What is with that one middle fang?  The better to rip you to shreds, my dear?  This one, from NIGHT FLYER, wins some major ugo awards.  

Which of these two, Max Schreck in the original NOSFERATU, or Willem Dafoe playing Schreck in SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE do you think mastered ugly better?

Perhaps the men will not agree that Santanico Pandemonium in FROM DUSK TILL DAWN should make it on the ugo list, but still...

Arvin, from 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.  'Nuf said.

So?  Who else belongs on the VampChix Ugo List?


The Mighty Buzzard said...

Yep. With apologies for any distress this may cause the hair and makeup industries, I can't back the From Dust Till Dawn pick on "So? That's not where I was looking anyway," grounds.

HighlandHussy said...

funny how vamps are now sexy and sultry and brooding...but not too long ago, we had the Ugo's :) too funny

Lorena said...

How about the Vampires in Buffy? Those had the ugly forehead thing going on.